WARMER MIXTAPES #1174 | by Tyler Doughty [Aldous Flow]

1. Kendrick Lamar | A.D.H.D
First heard K Dot when I started recording my own Hip Hop. Loved his style right from the jump.

2. The Notorious B.I.G. | Suicidal Thoughts
Hands down, my favorite Biggie song. I think we've all had that thought at one point in our life. The What If and the pure honesty on that track... Just a song I'll never skip.

3. Kid Cudi | Maniac (feat. Cage, St. Vincent)
Everyone's got a crazy side, some just show it more then others. Easily my favorite Kid Cudi track and the Music Video is dope too.

4. Eminem | Lose Yourself (8 Mile Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Just an intense song that I feel every artist goes through at some point. Everytime I hear it... It just put me in a zone where I want to get to work and get to the level.

5. Kanye West | Spaceship (feat. Consequence & GLC)
Another great track a lot of people can relate to. Plus: you can't lie, the song has a great hook.

6. Jay-Z | U Don't Know
Let's face it, we all love that intro... Turn my Music high, high, high, high-er... JAY Z is one of the greats.

7. Nas | One Mic 
Had this song on replay when it came out.

8. Method Man | Bring The Pain
Any one who knows me knows Method Man is my all time favorite rapper. His flow, his lyrics, his style of Hip Hop never disappoint. Definitely I would love to work with him one day.

9. J Cole | Lights Please
Big fan of J Cole and this song.

10. K Flay | No Duh
Had to show Love to an up and coming artist I've been keeping an eye on. Great artist, period. Best female rapper I've ever heard, if you ask me, and look forward to seeing how far she takes it.