WARMER MIXTAPES #1176 | by Olanrewaju N. [Lánre] of GKREAL

1. Passenger | Life’s For The Living 
I listen to this song at least once a week and it’s one of those songs that reminds me to live Life and do whatever it is I set my heart to do. In my mind, it is a small town boy/girl’s description of how their dreams can’t be contained in this little place and they will go out searching for home (i.e living their dreams) even if it means sleeping in a disused car. Life is for the living!

2. Foy Vance | Guiding Light
I so love this song! Foy is one of my favourite song writers and this song is my second best song of his (I’ll tell you the other one in no. 3). Everyone is searching, we search for home in our own unique ways because we’re all unique people with unique personalities. In our search we hope and look to be guided. I think Foy described that beautifully.

3. Foy Vance | Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness
So, this is my best of Foy’s songs. It’s a reminder that Kindness goes a long way to really touch people’s lives. There’s a lot of Kindness needed today and showing Kindness indiscriminately. Regardless of race, colour, social status and whatever else we think divides us.

4. Aşa | Fire On The Mountain
I still remember the first time I heard this song. I think I played it like 5 or more times. It felt like finally! Someone was speaking /singing my heart.

5. India.Arie | Good Man 
This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. It’s about Love, Life, Death and New Life. It’s about Memories and Legacy.

6. Sade | The Safest Place 
Everything about this song is beautiful to me.

7. Sade | Pearls 
This song was also covered by India.Arie and I like both versions of the song. It is the story of everyone and one woman. I like how she describes the difficult lives of these women as the hurt that comes from brand new shoes. We know and can all relate to that hurt and after you’ve worn the shoes in, it becomes comfortable and familiar, just like Life is. It is a survivors song.

8. Justin Nozuka | Save Him
This is a sad song to me. It's domestic abuse from a child’s point of view… I think. Justin’s voice and the lyrics pulls at my heart.

9. Regina Spektor | Laughing With 
Regina has a way with her song writing that I really love. Her perspective of God on this song is amazing.

10. Simphiwe Dana | Ndim Nawe
Another song I listen to at least once a week. I don’t understand the language Simphiwe sings in, but I did some research and found that the song loosely means I’ll stand with you when the World crumbles. Loving you makes me a hero... I even like the song even more, now that I know this.