WARMER MIXTAPES #1211 | by Daniel Lee [Lee Paradise/HUT] and April Aliermo of Hooded Fang, tonkapuma and Phèdre

SIDE A | by April Aliermo

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Baby (feat. Dâm-Funk) (Donnie & Joe Emerson Cover)
This is a Triple-S Grand Slam; smart, sexy and sweet. You’re so baby, especially the way Ariel Pink sings it, is just about the tenderest thing you can say to a lover. I’ve listened to this song on repeat a million times. Some of the times it's when I’m in a good mood and I’m just grooving. Other times, it has been when I’m crying alone in the tour van.

2. M.I.A. | Bad Girls
M.I.A. is badass. I relate to her on numerous fronts. This song makes me want to dance but also makes me feel like an invincible woman.

3. Suicide | Cheree
Suicide’s self-titled album is one of my favourites to put on the record player and listen to while I just lie there. The fuzz on the song is perfect. The way Alan Vega sings on this song makes me melt and dream of elated times; not of any particular moment or person, but just of the feeling of being on cloud 9 while dancing a sexy dance with a lover.

4. Daniel Lee | Crimson & Clover (Tommy James & The Shondells Cover)
One Christmas long ago, my band mate and best friend Daniel Lee did a sweet Acoustic cover of this song for me. His whistling, as always, is perfect. He hit a glass bottle for part of the beat. I never get sick of it and it always makes me want to cry.

5. HUT | Doom
Daniel has another band called HUT. They are one of my all-time favourite bands. They will never fail to make you rock. It's got this part in the middle where all the instruments wile out and all these other sounds of Real Life and Honesty are expressed. Graaaaavity has lost its charm, I’m looking for a wishing well… Happy ending in a depraved state…

6. Santo & Johnny Farina | Sleepwalk
This just goes straight to my gut. This is one of the first songs my dad taught me to play on the guitar. Obviously I discovered it from watching the movie La Bamba. I used to get my pop to play it for me on his old Acoustic all the time. I even recorded him for my sleepy slow jam mix tape on cassette… I think like 5 times… For the beginning of each side of the tape and for the end of each side of the tape, and maybe one more for in the middle of side A.

7. Ken Park | Stay At Mine
Ken Park is one of Phèdre’s closest pals and favourite musicians. This song is good for driving, dreaming, kissing and grooving. The synth sounds are beautiful.

8. Pangea | Too Drunk To Cum
Daniel and I have an old Surf Punk band called tonkapuma. Like 4 or 5 years ago we went on a tour of house parties in California with our friends Pangea. I never get sick of this perfect Pop song! William Keegan’s wailing is gut-wrenching in a great way. Also, Too Drunk To Cum, so classic.

9. Canailles | Train
This band from Québec never has concerts, Canailles always has parties. I’ve never been to one of their shows where the crowd isn’t going wild. This is one of their softer songs but is somehow still badass. Those intro and middle guitar lines make me melt: 1. because they are pretty sexy; 2. probably because I have a huge crush on the guitar player.

10. Badlands | Waste
This is my friend Adrian Tenney’s project. She has the prettiest voice. She is also quite soothing. Adrian plays all kinds of cool percussion instruments on this song and makes the ukulele sound cool. In her other band, Spokenest, she plays Punk drums like a motherfucker.

SIDE B | by Daniel Lee

1. Broadcast | America's Boy
I remember buying this record when it came out. I enjoyed it, but mostly this song. It came up in a conversation with a friend the other day so we re-listened to the record. This song is perfection. It flows so nicely, and just... Hits me in that right way. What can I say? It's really good, and stands the test of Time.

2. Bix Beiderbecke | In A Mist
I went to Music School in Montreal for one year after High School, and realized that I didn't like it. Teach TOOLS, not RULES, I say. I found it strange that even in a Music program like Electroacoustics they could still be trying to tell you what you can do, and can't do. Haha! It's Electro-Acoustic Art, all about breaking boundaries! What an oxy-moron! Anyways, one of the highlights of this Music program was a course on the history of Jazz, which was all about knowledge building, and listening to the songs and stories and myths and sordid business that was the lives of great Jazz artists. Bix Beiderbecke was one of those mysteries, hugely acclaimed, died very young, and not too much known about him. A real mythical Magic creature. Supposedly he never played a song the same twice. The only reason that this song got saved is because one of his friends made him play it while they notated it. I find it to be one of the most thoughtful, playful, and inexplicable songs that I have ever heard. It transports me to another universe every time I hear it. It's like Magic!

3. Moon King | Dream Trap
Moon King are pals and they are awesome. Daniel is a great songwriter, lyrically and musically. This song rocks!

4. Future Islands | Little Dreamer
Good repeat mood song.

5. Joe Meek & The Blue Men | I Hear A New World 
Kate and Sarah played this song once in my old house. I stopped in my tracks and said Woah, what the hell is this?... I was obsessed with Joe after that. As a side note, there is a demo that he made called He's All Mine, on which he sings. I love this version because Joe was homosexual, writing all these hetero songs for girls to sing about guys or vice versa, so hearing him sing one about a guy he's in Love with bridged that disconnect. It's on a compilation of his demos and scratch tracks. Back to the point, though, I Hear A New World has had a profound effect on my artistry. I also listen to the album when we are on tour and driving through the night and everyone is asleep and I drive until the Sun comes up. It transports me to a different Sci-Fi place.

6. Slum Village | Fall In Love
Haha. I feel like this is the Slum Village song that even your parents would like. The song speaks for itself. Long Live Jay Dee.

7. Rickie Lee Jones | Hi-Lili Hi-Lo
Good cover album. Had a huge crush on this record. I think it was present from my brother or sister from the used CD store Vortex, where we used to get all of our stuff as kids.

8. Magnetic Fields | Please Stop Dancing
Best Sardonic Pop Songwriter ever, ever.

9. Destroyer | School, And The Girls Who Go There 
The whole City Of Daughters album... When I first heard this I thought that it was a long lost recording from Britain. My sister played it for me on a cassette long long time ago... LUV U, SIS!

10. April Aliermo | For Daniel
April sent this song to me once.  It's one of my favourite songs in the Universe (and the only piano composition that she's ever recorded, to my knowledge). The song covers so many emotions and feelings and places... Sweet, funny, melancholy, curious, mischievous... It really sums me up in way, like only she can. Thanks, April!