WARMER MIXTAPES #1212 | by Chris Jones of Ghost Twins

1. The Knife | Full Of Fire
My favourite song from my favourite album of last year, 9 relentless minutes. A real statement of Intent after a few years out of sight.

2. Portishead | We Carry On
Similar to The Knife in terms of its relentless approach. The live version from Glastonbury last year sounded incredible.

3. Jandek | You Painted Your Teeth
I went to see Jandek a few weeks ago and the final 3rd of set was in this chaotic Garage/Punk style. I love it when Sterling loosens up and goes for it.

4. The Dillinger Escape Plan | Farewell, Mona Lisa
This is a regular gym song for me so it has to make the list. It’s a giant slab of Musical Concrete.

5. St. Vincent | Birth In Reverse
Song of the year so far for me. I’m pretty sure it’ll be gig of the year too when we see her in a couple of months.

6. Cat Power | I Don’t Blame You
Everything about this song is perfect.

7. The Velvet Underground | White Light/White Heat
We covered this at our last gig. It’s quite possibly the coolest song ever written. When you sit down with the lyrics and the chords, it’s amazing how simple and clever this song is.

8. Propagandhi | Impending Halfhead
When I was at School all I listened to was Fast Punk (Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Burning Heart, etc.)... Propagandhi are one of the few bands from that era of my life that I still listen to on a regular basis. The Todd The Rod songs are always great and this is no exception. A lot of my friends lean towards the John K. Samson era, but Todd’s the man for me.

9. The Smashing Pumpkins | Tonight, Tonight 
Andrew has always been way more of a Pumpkins man than myself, but every time I hear this song I can’t help but think it’s up there with some of the greatest songs ever written.

10. Entrance | Prayer Of Death
A Raw, Noisy, Psychedelic beast of song. I bought the promo of this album when it came out not even realising that he’d made another album since Wandering Stranger. Not only that I thought it would be another Acoustic/Folk record. It’s fair to say this blew my face off when I pressed play.