WARMER MIXTAPES #1214 | by Stanislav Sharifullin [hmot]

1. Ø | Syvänteessä Pukinjalkaisen
Hella knows what does the name mean. Mika Vainio is great.

2. Easy Changes | RS6 3.5 V10 
RS6 3.5 V10 is a Formula One engine by Renault/Williams used during the 1994 season. It is about racer Ayrton Senna, at least the track is taken from the EP of the same name. He died in 1994 on a track during the race.

3. Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin, Samuel Rohrer | Tund 
Max Loderbauer owns a Buchla 200e. It costs a fortune, I wish I had one.

4. Eric Dolphy | Hat And Beard 
A dedication to Thelonious Monk, at least as far as I can understand it. He had a great beard and was always wearing funny hats. Eric Dolphy also had a beard and mustache, hatless though.

5. Zerkalo | In The Middle
I didn’t see Tarkovsky’s Zerkalo, but love his other works madly. Especially Stalker. It has nothing in common with the book it’s based on, but maybe it’s even better. Though Strugatsky brothers’ late works are amazing.

6. Ilya Wazuhiru | Velimir’s Sea
The lyrics here is actually a poem written in 1912 by Velimir Khlebnikov. The voice’s author is Roman Jakobson, one of my favorite Soviet linguists. Both were geniuses too far ahead of their time.

7. Lenta | Born Again 
Lenta is Tape in Russian. It is also the name of Russian retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. It is also the name of a Russian online newspaper, heavily censored since recently which is definitely a bad thing.

8. Steve Reich | Come Out
A great record to play at parties.

9. Isolée | Allowance 
The video for this one is weird but I like it. You know, in France they made Noisy Jelly which can actually produce sounds. Software-wise it is based on Arduino & Max/MSP. So much fun.

10. Whilst | Postcard From A Robot
When the Music’s over - turn off the lights.