WARMER MIXTAPES #1213 | by Marissa Longstreet of Dave & Marissa and High Drags

1. Uffie | Give It Away
I wish I'd been cool enough to understand Uffie's appeal from the start, but it wasn't until this song and a heart break. It all made sense and she's been a party-Love-sick inspiration ever since.

2. The Mountain Goats | Love Love Love
Damn! Love, you know? This has given my brain waves a Sunset to rest under.

3. Mount Kimbie | Before I Move Off
They have one of my favorite KEXP performances and are ever evolving flawlessly.

4. Blackalicious | Make You Feel That Way
It really does make me feel that way. The best good vibe song for Sunny day friend-filled front porch hammock hangs.

5. Erol Alkan | A Hold On Love
I relish in Nature and Dance Music. I loved the song, then saw the video which chronicles a wooded Club land adventure. Back home in Upstate NY, our best discos were in the woods with a generator, fire pit and a keg or two.

6. FIDLAR | Cheap Beer
I'd like to think I've graduated from cheap beer, but this song always makes me regress.

7. Rubblebucket | November
This track is one of few that can bring you straight to a Music festival at the first trumpet note. It's an entire nights celebration in less than 6 minutes. A quick fix to winter blues or day job scrane.

8. Waka Flocka Flame | Bill Russell (Ryan Hemsworth’s 情報デスクVIRTUAL Mix) 
I love to sing along to this one. It's dreamy with a throw-back vibe and always an inspiration to party, ball or get out of bed. Whatever, I'm reaaaddddddy!...

9. Gym Class Heroes | Kid Nothing Vs. The Echo Factor
I grew up hearing Gym Class Heroes practice as a jam band in a garage down the street from my house. This is one of the first albums that inspired me to write. And Travis' live performances first showed me how to keep a crowd's eyes watching your every move.

10. Stevie Wonder | Another Star
So much Funk and groove. I like to play this song on Friday evenings at dinner time in revelry of the weekend.

+11. Mort Garson | Plantasia
Future Music from the 70's. It's simplistic, Psychedelic and strings you on a dazed journey.