WARMER MIXTAPES #1225 | by Mauro Büchler, Carlo Lardi and Manuel Jacomet of Plasma

SIDE A | by Mauro Büchler

1. Rage Against The Machine | Killing In The Name
This is one of the first songs that really blew my mind away.

2. Moderat | Rusty Nails
The perfect song to ride down a freshly snow-covered mountain on the snowboard.

3. Oceansize | One Day All This Could Be Yours
This song reminds me of a good friend. We played this song a thousand times on the air drums, totally drunk.

4. The Killers | Mr. Brightside
Makes you just happy!

5. Queens Of The Stone Age | First It Giveth
Did you listen the drumbeat in the chorus? Baaaaaam!

6. The National | Lemonworld
A song to cry...

7. Atoms For Peace | Amok
I drove like a mad man a thousand miles by bicycle to Rome. Just to listen to this song.

8. Massive Attack | Atlas Air 
My favorite car-driving song. Not forgetting to hang your arms out the car window!

9. The Notwist | Consequence
Melancholy - fuck off.

10. Portishead | Mysterons 
Favourite voice, favourite drum beat and favourite atmospheric sound.

SIDE B | by Carlo Lardi

1. Lazerhawk | King Of The Streets
I listen to this song often right now. When I need some energy or just a mood-change.

2. Placebo | Running UpThat Hill (Kate Bush Cover)
Also one of my favorites at the moment. Beautiful song to chill out and stay in bed.

3. Iron Maiden | The Trooper
Also a song that can give me lots of energy. One of my all-time favorites from one of my all-time favorite bands. In my opinion, no other track represents the band better than The Trooper: A dramatic story, told in a melodic monster - strong, fast and absolutely intense.

4. Iron Maiden | Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
As I learned playing the bass-guitar by learning to play almost every song from Iron Maiden, Losfer Words stands for fun and challenge for the ones to play it. It reminds me of the time when I was a 17-year old, playing it loud at my parents house disturbing the neighbours.

5. Muse | Hysteria
When I first heard this song, I didn't believe that I could play that awesome bassline. One of my favourite basslines in Young Rock History. I used to listen to it a lot, about three or four years ago.

6. The Killers | Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
When talking about basslines, this is another favourite song of one of my favourite bands. I still like to listen to it, mostly when I'm alone.

7. The Prodigy | Invaders Must Die
I love to dance. No other Music makes me wanna party more than The Prodigy. The songs from the album Invaders Must Die reminds me of a party in late 2009, where we danced in Nature of the Swiss mountains to the whole album.

8. Lady Gaga | Dance In The Dark
In 2010, I became a big fan of Lady Gaga's second album The Fame Monster. Epic Dance In The Dark still is my favourite song from Lady Gaga. I never really understood why she didn't make a single and video out of it. Huge melodies and riff, reminds me of 80s Heavy Metal themes.

9. Kiss | Creatures Of The Night
I discovered this awesome record on a holiday in Greece, when a friend of mine played it in the car while driving to the beach. We were about 18 years old.

10. Placebo | Song To Say Goodbye
Reminds me of the sad moment when an ex-girlfriend of mine lost her beloved cat.

SIDE C | by Manuel Jacomet

1. Eminem | Kim
This is the best example that Music can be a valve to let out Aggression, Anger and Hatred. It sounds like a cathartic exercise. It’s beautiful to be part of it. (Unfortunately his wife Kim unwillingly got into Media).

2. The Fall Of Troy | I Just Got This Symphony Goin'
I enjoy their unorthodox song writing, done in unconventional time signatures. I like his voice changes, which reach from Growling to Screaming to a gentle Falsetto.

3. Tom Waits | In The Neighborhood
Tom Waits is one of my all time favourite artists. I like his eclectic way of making Music.

4. OutKast | Return Of The "G"
André 3000 is a versatile genius. His (anti-)flow in the verse is unbelievable.

5. Die Prinzen | Schlaflied
My mum played me this song when I was a little kid. I still like listening to it. The melody is just brilliant.

6. Maximilian Hecker | My Fiends
I love his fragile voice. It’s like from another world.

7. Mobile | See Right Through Me
While I’m listening to this chorus I become weightless.

8. The Low Anthem | Charlie Darwin
It is so beautiful I can barely breath.

9. Slipknot | People = Shit
Slipknot at their best time. I like their energy. My favourite part is Sid’s scratching part. I love DJs that play in real bands.

10. France Gall | Les Sucettes
Deep lyrics.