WARMER MIXTAPES #1226 | by Ulysse Genet [CHAZE]

1. Chic | I Want Your Love
This one because my mom used to play that album back in the 70's, even if she was more Rock oriented, and I kept remembering that song. Also because more than 30 years later the song didn't age at all and everything about it is great, you have to move your body when you hear it!

2. Joe Arroyo | Rebelión (No Le Pegue A La Negra)
As you see I listen to everything, well, almost... And Salsa is a genre I really appreciate. This is Colombian Salsa, Joe Arroyo was one of the greatest. This song reminds me about when I went to Medellín for the first time 4 years ago, I could hear the song everywhere playing even knowing it's an old song... Great feeling to be in Medellín and listen to dope Salsa!

3. Rare Arts | Boriqua Posse (The Kiss Connection Mix)
This is a dope Latin House track from 1991, reminds me of one of the first times I went to visit NYC. It was crazy back in the days and you could hear cars bumping that track from Brooklyn to the Bronx!

4. Giorgio Moroder | Chase (Midnight Express Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I'm also a big fan of Movie Soundtracks and this Music in the movie is just incredible... There was an audio recording of the French gangster Jacques Mesrine (that was killed by cops in the 70s) where he is listening to the soundtrack and having visions... I think you can find that audio on YouTube, it was a letter he was writing to his wife and doing it while listening to the soundtrack. He died just a few days later, pretty intense stuff... Not sure if Giorgio Moroder is aware of that...

5. Tangerine Dream | Beach Scene (Thief Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
One of my favorite soundtrack themes ever I also love the movie, some real deep stuff, makes you escape from whatever mood you're in... 

6. The Blackbyrds | Rock Creek Park 
There is too many Soul, Funk and Disco tracks to name one, but this one just came up to my mind. Reminds me the time when I used to live in Queens, New York, chilling in the park with my girlfriend in the summertime... And hiding our drinks from the cops...

7. The Notorious B.I.G. | Unbelievable
I lived 12 years in NY, but before I lived there I used to go at least every 2 years. I was in NYC in the Summer of 1994 when I heard this song on the radio and I was like what the fuck is that??... I was listening to a lot of Hip Hop at that time and this just sounded new. I was blown up by the DJ Premier's beat and by the rapper, B.I.G. Great, great song and times!!

8. The Flamingos | I Only Have Eyes For You (Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler Cover)
When you see A Bronx Tale then you gotta fall in love with that oldies song, just great 60's vibe.

9. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 | The Message
My background is Graffiti, I have been writing for over 25 years. There is a classic documentary from the 80's called Style Wars. When the song The Message gets played in the movie it is just magical, I get goose bumps...

10. Dion | The Wanderer
This is another song I discovered trough a movie, The Wanderers, great 70s movie about the gangs in NYC in the 60s... Lyrics are crazy and also give me goose bumps!