WARMER MIXTAPES #1229 | by Tom Boutwood [morsø]

1. Shlohmo | Seriously
The album that this track features on, Bad Vibes, was a massive game-changer for me. I think I was 13 when I heard it, about the time when all I listened to was really shitty Dance Music, before I even knew Music like this existed. A friend told me to listen to the album and it blew my mind - it was shortly after this I started making Music of my own. Seriously was the first song I heard and is probably my favourite track off Bad Vibes, but there isn't one on the album that I don't like.

2. Philip Glass | Mad Rush
I started to teach myself piano a couple of months ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I think this song was the main catalyst for me taking it up, this and the rest of Metamorphosis album. The bit in the middle where it goes mad is so unexpected, it blew me away when I first heard it.

3. mvnners | Without You
mvnners makes these really beautiful, simple tunes and this is one which I've been playing a lot since it came out.

4. Four Tet | My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
Four Tet is one of my favourite artists, he always manages to make the strangest and most different sounds to fit so perfectly with each other.

5. Geotic | Beaming Husband
Geotic (aka Baths) makes really lovely, simple guitar loops. His songs make the perfect soundtrack for a bus/train journey.

6. Tim Hecker | Virginal II
This album, Virgins, is really fucking amazing. This song stood out from the rest, he takes this strange melody which gradually builds up in to this huge wall of Sound that totally engrosses you.

7. Houses | Medicine
I heard this song on a mix and it was totally amazing. The song is so simple, it only really consists of 2 separate parts, but when the 2nd section is introduced it carries you away with it.

8. Grouper | Water People
Grouper makes lovely tunes, mostly just using her voice and a guitar. The songs are so simple and a lot of them are based on just one little loop, but her voice totally blends with the guitar, her songs are heartwarming. This song works for me, everything fits perfectly and the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking.

9. Tristan Allen | Set In Motion (I)
I think this guy is only seventeen, he's a total prodigy - he was discovered by Amanda Palmer after he asked to play for her and she took him on and they recorded this EP of piano compositions he made. They're all really percussive - he plays the piano like a drum kit in some of his songs. This tune is my favorite off the EP.

10. Julianna Barwick | One Half
I discovered Julianna Barwick a while ago but just started listening to her album Nepenthe. She makes songs which sound like a full size choir but she just records her own voice and sings over it again and again. One Half is probably the most epic of the songs, the second half of the track has a pretty amazing feel to it.