SIDE A | by Jori Hulkkonen

1. Scott Walker | Farmer In The City
Not many artists have been able to stretch their career to such lenghts as Scott Walker has. And I’m not talking only about Time here. Hearing this song for the first time was a real eye-opener for me back in the mid 90’s.

2. Carl Craig | At Les
One of the most influential moments in my career was hearing Carl Craig perform At Les live at Sonar festival back in 1997 where I played a live set as well. I was so inspired when I came back home the following week, I didn’t leave the studio for days. The results can be heard on my 1998 album The Spirits Inside Me.

3. Pet Shop Boys | King’s Cross
With their first four Studio albums between 1986-1990 PSB pretty much defined Pop Music for me. Every single thing they recorded in that period, including non-album b-sides, are something I keep going back to.

4. Billy Mackenzie | Wild Is The Wind (Johnny Mathis Cover)
One of my favourite David Bowie songs (quite aware that it's not a Bowie original) gets a magnificent treatment from one the best vocalists ever, Billy Mackenzie.

5. Duet Emmo | Or So It Seems
A strangely underrated band from the early Mute Records catalogue. Simple, haunting and Timeless.

6. Lindsey Buckingham | Go Insane
Another underrated gem. Lindsey Buckingham was riding an amazing creative wave in the 80’s, and this solo effort from him surpasses even most Fleetwood Mac songs. Two kinds of trouble in this world: Living. Dying. Genious.

7. Annibale E I Cantori Moderni | Trinity (Titoli) (They Call Me Trinity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill's movies provided, if nothing else, this stand out Morricone-esque Italo Western classic.

8. Metronomy | Monstrous
Just to balance things with something from this millennium. Metronomy I think are the best Pop-band of the 2010’s so far, and they just keep getting better. Also, amazing live band.

9. Vladimir Cosma | Promenade Sentimentale (Diva Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From the soundtrack to the French movie Diva from 1981, this is an amazing, a simplistic piano workout.

10. Depeche Mode | The Sun & The Rainfall
Can’t make a list like this without something from DM. My fave album from them is Some Great Reward, but this particular song has been playing in my head recently. It should’ve been a single.

SIDE B | by Juho Paalosmaa

1. Fleetwood Mac | Family Man 
Jori played this to me one time and I soon found myself listening to it... On repeat... Nonstop. I'll grow tired of Life itself before I'll ever tire of hearing Family Man.

2. Wham! | Everything She Wants
In my opinion probably the biggest earworm out there; just a fantastic Funky Pop song. Somebooody tell me...

3. Kissing The Pink | Big Man Restless 
Heard this on a venue in Brixton about 4 years ago; fell in Love immediately. I played a gig at said venue (as Villa Nah) that night, but can only remember hearing Big Man Restless for the first time.

4. RAH Band | Clouds Across The Moon 
Similar story as Big Man Restless, just exchanging Brixton to Turku (Jori's hometown). There's something about the RAH Band that makes me feel like a kid again.

5. Peter Gabriel | Solsbury Hill
I guess we all have that one track we'd choose for our own funeral... Right? This one's mine.

6. William Onyeabor | Fantastic Man 
Brilliant upbeat party tune. The twist in the lyrics is genius in its own right.

7. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Enola Gay 
Highly important to me for the following reasons: Made me want to learn how to play Music. I bought an Electronic Organ just to learn how to play Enola Gay. Years later used the organ to compose my own album Origin for Villa Nah. Then eventually supported OMD on their tour as Villa Nah in 2010... Life can be very strange at times.

8. New Order | Ceremony 
Joy Division/New Order... Doesn't matter which outfit, for some reason Ceremony has the rare ability to make me teary-eyed everytime I hear it.

9. Pulp | The Trees 
One of Pulp's last releases is also among their best. The chorus lyric ...Those useless trees, produce the air that I am breathing... is just wonderful.

10. Philip Glass | Mad Rush
Had the pleasure of watching & hearing Philip perform this live on solo piano. Insanely beautiful.