WARMER MIXTAPES #1239 | by Sophie Frances Cooke [Frances]

1. Coldplay | Shiver 
I saw Coldplay live for the first time when I was 12 and remember being completely mesmerised. They've influenced my writing so much and Shiver is just one of many songs of theirs that has shaped my upbringing. That guitar line!!!

2. Keane | Bedshaped
I first heard this song years ago when my dad introduced me to Keane, and I fell in Love with their sound. It's so emotive and powerful! I performed this song with so much pride at a little singing competition when I was younger... Just wanted to play that piano part on repeat!

3. The Boxer Rebellion | Doubt
I. Love. This. I love how calm the song feels for the most part, but we can still sense the release that's going to come later... Then BOOM. I can't help but throw my arms open at the end of this track. I cried the first time I heard it.

4. Tom Odell | Can't Pretend 
Tom Odell is making some incredible Music. I love how live and organic it all sounds. His piano playing is so emotive, in this song particularly. The chord progressions tell a story in themselves before he's even started signing, it's beautiful.

5. Aqualung | Broken Bones
I was about 14/15 when I first heard this song and I would race to a Music room every break/lunch to play and sing it for my friends (or anyone who would listen). It holds a lot of personal memories for me too of my childhood and upbringing. This is a story about the three of us.

6. Celia Cruz | Guantanamera (Joseíto Fernández Cover)
This is my mum's favourite song of all time. Whilst my dad filled my ears with Alternative Pop, my mum filled them with Latin, Ska and Reggae Music. I smile instantly when I hear this song as I can remember dancing with my mum around the house to it as soon as I could stand by myself. It's just so happy!!

7. Kings Of Leon | Be Somebody 
I love all Kings Of Leon, but this song is always a stand out favourite for me. I love the drums and I could sing it all day! It reminds me specifically of when I first saw them live at Reading Festival 2009 when I was 16. I was stood behind perhaps the biggest fan girl of KOL ever. She pretty much shouted every lyric as loud as she could, and fair enough because they were pretty awesome.

8. Faithless | Insomnia 
Car journeys with my dad when I was younger consisted of having Music as loud as was legal. Insomnia was definitely one of the tracks we loved to blast out, and still do. One of the best Dance tracks I've ever heard. So fierce!

9. The Walkmen | Thinking Of A Dream I Had
Such an energised song, makes me want to jump around. Especially when that guitar first comes in! I love how natural it feels too. Nothing is completely in time or perfect, that's what makes it so perfect for me. I can hear them having fun!

10. Radiohead | High And Dry
Radiohead have got to be in here. Because it's Radiohead. This song is just one of my many favourites. I think it's stunning lyrically and really speaks to me musically too. I've gone for songs that I still listen to and that I feel have shaped my Music and still do. I could have done better with a top 100 though so this took me a while... Just so much amazing Music to talk about!