WARMER MIXTAPES #1240 | by Cajsa Siik

1. Portishead | Roads
Passion and Darkness. Hits me every time.

2. Massive Attack | Paradise Circus (with Hope Sandoval)
Just a brilliant song. Suggestive and fragile. The Minimalistic details and the build-up are powerful. Like breathing in and out.

3. James Blake | Retrograde
I remember the first time I heard this song. I was riding my bike through the empty streets of my hometown Umeå. It was at 2 AM, I was a bit drunk and the Midnight Sun was shining - pale and beautiful. Epic moment.

4. PJ Harvey | Let England Shake
PJ Harvey is a creative force. Let England Shake makes me want to join the Circus. Everything is possible.

5. Elliott Smith | Waltz #2 (XO)
Sad intelligent melodies with a feeling of wanting to give up but in a somehow hopeful way. A very important friend of mine introduced him to me when I started to play the guitar. Then Elliott became important to me.

6. The Perishers | Come Out Of The Shade
A band from my hometown Umeå that inspired me a lot when I started writing Music. Simple beautiful melodies. Brings back memories from the North and the period when I started to discover Songwriting.

7. The xx | Islands
This song has a cold flow to it that makes me want to dance on my own late at night.

8. Bon Iver | Perth
All tracks on all Bon Iver albums are special to me in so many different ways. It's hard to choose just one song. After listening to Blood Bank the first time, I was hooked. Justin Vernon is such a Musical Genius. He's also a member of the bands Volcano Choir and Gayngs.

9. The Strokes | Tap Out
Puts me in an somehow edgy mode. Great playful guitar arrangements. Strong melody. A few tracks on Comedown Machine became important to me when recording my album Contra.

10. Loney, Dear | I Do What I Can
I often return to Loney, Dear. Great songwriter and artist. This song as a soft energy to it that makes me want to run faster and try a bit harder.

+11. Simon And Garfunkel | Song For The Asking
1 minute 50 seconds long. Less is more. The string arrangement is so dramatic and tasteful. It's almost like a lullaby. Reminds me of my dad and the Music we listened to at home when I grew up.