WARMER MIXTAPES #1241 | by Even Steine of Kid Astray

1. Todd Terje | Inspector Norse 
First heard this one in the movie short called Whateverest, which is about the Norwegian drug chef Inspector Norse. Great movie, great song. Todd Terje is the hottest act on the Norwegian Dance scene this year, and a source of inspiration for us.

2. Mustard Pimp | Wide Eyes (feat. Chali 2na)
A Kid Astray's pre-practice-warm-up classic. If this song had arms, they would have huge muscles and smell of sweat and Pure Testosterone. As well as having some really badass tattoos.

3. Radiohead | Pyramid Song
I can't think of any song more beautiful than this one. Reminds me of how it felt like to sit in the backseat off a car as a kid, driving alongside steep Norwegian mountains in the winter. Safe and warm, yet a bit scary, but most of all truly fantastic.

4. John Farnham | You're The Voice
I'm not sure if this is a guilty pleasure or not. I think not...? Anyway, it's hard to argue that this is powerful, uplifting, over the top 80's Pop like it's meant to be. Few songs pull off a bagpipe solo like this.

5. Herbie Hancock | Stitched Up (feat. John Mayer)
This song seems to be the result of a jam between Hancock and Mayer, both superb in their own way. It opens Herbie Hancock's 45th album, Possibilities, which all in all is a great album. I remember that my brother sent me this song just prior to a holiday trip from Germany to Southern France. We were driving, and I got totally hooked on it as we passed the last bit of the Alps and got into the fields below. I can see that memory as clear as if it was yesterday every time I put it on.

6. Mutemath | Chaos
When we made Easily Led Astray I found myself skiing down to Benjamin's house each morning for two weeks, as the snow was heavy. And this song was on every morning. It lasted as long as it took me to get down there and made every trip magical and exhilarating. I had some hyper mornings in other words.

7. John Williams | Main Title (Star Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Instant goosebump-excitement. Yes, I saw Star Wars when I was 5 years old. Totally hooked ever since. The intro just screams anticipation for adventure and makes a couple of generations excited I think.

8. A Perfect Circle | Gravity
A Perfect Circle is sort of a superband, with loads of great musicians making something Progressive, cool and unique. I started listening to them after watching the first two Resident Evil movies, because Danny Lohner's remix of their song The Outsider was on the soundtrack of the second one. As I checked them out this drowsy masterpiece stood out and instantly made me relax while at the same time making me slightly melancholic. Perfect for walking home in the middle of the night, or just lying down lost in thought. Nighttime chillout.

9. Muse | Hysteria
Well, I'm a bassist. This song is sick. And while we were on High School, Benjamin, Alex, Elizabeth and me learned that you don't try to cover Muse. It's not possible.

10. Jamie Cullum | Don't Stop The Music (Rihanna Cover)
The Ultimate Nachspiel song. And arguably the best cover in the World.