WARMER MIXTAPES #1244 | by Pete Feigenbaum [Blizzardo] of Dinowalrus

1. Gene Loves Jezebel | The Motion Of Love
Goth/Post Punk with a tasty side of sleaze and frolic. They are one of the few bands that successfully blended Post Punk and Glam Rock successfully--something only a few dared to do (the others being Killing Joke, Love And Rockets, Sisters Of Mercy and The Cult).

2. The Southern Death Cult | Moya
Such a simple chord progression, but it gets me every time. It's like the long lost cousin to Transmission by Joy Division. Dark and mysterious, yet epic and soaring.

3. Double 99 | Ripgroove
Seems like classic UK Garage is still somewhat untapped in the USA. This is jacked up and gangsta street-tough, yet still has a great swinging groove. Very ahead of its time and still sounds fresh today.

4. The Dogs D'Amour | Last Bandit
A great Stones/Faces style drinking song by unheralded Glam Punk troubadours.

5. Ride | Leave Them All Behind
Spacious, bittersweet and mysterious, yet still very danceable and packed with those classic soaring British vocal harmonies. I'm surprised we haven't written a song like this yet!

6. World Of Twist | Sons Of The Stage
The tension and perpetual momentum in this riff is amazing. Somehow this track sounds very retro and current at the same time--it takes the classic 60s Freakbeat sounds of The Pretty Things or Tomorrow and takes them into the 1990s with some cool synth swirls and samples.

7. Primal Scream | Imperial
So jangly, springlike and youthful. The 60s meets the 80s in the best possible way. Sonic Flower Groove is such an underrated album, but actually sounds super relevant today. A lot of bands in Brooklyn sound like this album now.

8. Johnny Thunders | Daddy Rollin' Stone
Johnny Thunders commands respect, even if he never respected himself. Some nice classic Glam Boogie Rock with Steve Marriot from the Faces and Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. What a rad collaboration!

9. Guns N' Roses | 14 Years
Izzy Stradlin is definitely the member I can relate to the most. I love all the GN'R songs he wrote and sang on: Dust And Bones, Double Talkin' Jive, etc.... He brought a mysterious Gypsy Glam Punk troubadour vibe to the whole affair, in contrast to most other LA Hard Rock bands at the time. This one sounds like a lost Iggy Pop song.

10. Jagwar Ma | The Throw
My favorite new band, probably because they are doing exactly what we are trying to do: Acid House with guitars; second Summer of Love Madchester throwbacks.

+11. Echo And The Bunnymen | Rescue
The Bunnymen create beautiful drama with very minimal and repetitive riffs.

+12. Liars | Brats
This is the Liars song I had hoped they would make for the past 12 years. The finally circled back to the great bangin' Dance grooves of their 2001 debut, while adding all of their new found Electronic wizardry into the mix. Sounds a bit like the Silver Apples even! Liars are one of the few contemporary bands that have held my interest for the past decade in an age where attention spans usually last a few days.

+13. Loop | Collison
Just saw these guys reunite in NYC. They pretty much took every rad Stooges riff, distilled them to their pure essence, launched them into Outer Space, and proceeded to generate Perpetual Motion. It's almost like Minimal Techno... With guitars!