WARMER MIXTAPES #1245 | by Francesco Rossi

1. Fever Ray | Keep The Streets Empty For Me
Fabian and Jens says: Fever Ray and the song Keep The Streets Empty For Me struck us immediately with its fateful sound and images of abandoned suburbia begun to grow in front of our eyes. We wanted to continue the journey that started in the former videos and our ambition was to catch the feeling in a very direct and true way and create a video where dream and reality intertwine. I completely agree!!! Big up...

2. Sting | Fields Of Gold
I always thought that Sting came from another planet. When browsing in the library of discs that we had at home, I came across a few albums by The Police, I was enchanted by his voice. In addition to that, there was this perfect fusion of Reggae and Pop that fascinated me immediately. Fields Of Gold is one of those songs from his solo career which I prefer... I often pull it out on special occasions.

3. Black Sabbath | Paranoid
Energy, melody, guitar riffs... These words sum up a masterpiece in the history of Rock that reminds me of an old jukebox in the pub that I frequented as a teenager. The song went on to repeat at least 10 times in the evening and gave us the illusion of being inside a movie. Thanks, Ozzy...

4. Emiliana Torrini | To Be Free
The voice of this great singer of Italian origin has always made me dream. I listened to this song every time I came back from a few evenings away playing. It's always just right! Amazing.

5. Montell Jordan | This Is How We Do It
When I started DJing in the 90s, in the early part of the evening I would play discs of Soul/R'n'B like this. The atmosphere that was created on the track was intimate and charming.

6. R. Kelly | Home Alone (feat. Keith Murray)
The hard party for Excellence. A song that transformed anyone into a professional dancer. Big Kelly!

7. Soko | We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
Give me all your love now, 'cause for all we know, we might be dead by tomorrow...

8. Tom Odell | Another Love
The angelic voice of Tom for this Love song... Special moments are tied to this song for me personally.

9. Ry & Frank Wiedemann | Howling (Âme Remix)
The perfect combination between Electronic and Melody.

10. Bobby Bland | Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Driving a Cadillac on the roads of California into the Sunset. I do not know why, but this is the image that comes to Life in my head when I listen to this song. That voice, that groove!!!