WARMER MIXTAPES #1249 | by Mitya Ostudínov [Ostudinov/Hatroneli]

1. Bark Psychosis | The Loom
Simply & nice... Rhythm and bass comes like whispers in first part of the track. I used to listen to it at nite.

2. Скрябін | Нікому Tо Hе Tреба
Band from Ukraine. They were splendid in the middle of the 90’s, at that time they played Darkwave and were one of the first bands to do that in the country. But now they are terribly Popish. Sad.

3. Asylum Party | Julia
This is a band of one song called Julia (as we are jokin’ with mates). I see several dead dudes who are flying along the rock on Cabrio...

4. Mark Swift | Swiftlings (Mrs Jynx Remix)
Sweet and nice. Tom And Jerry.

5. Взрыватели | Странные Дни
Another 90’s project from Ukraine. As soon as they realized an album... The band disappeared.

6. Indo Tribe | Shrink
Side-project of The Future Sound Of London. I was looking for melodies which goes as far away as in this song...

7. Susumu Yokota | Kodomotachi
For flyin’.

8. Post Industrial Boys | Me Gamoval
Good and Warm thing. Idleness.

9. Artemis | Sun Voyage
I heard this song 11 years ago. It was some old compilation (can’t remember it). From this song my acquaintance with Jungle has begun.

10. Stephan Mathieu | Pink, Orange
It makes a mood!

+11. Mint | All (Remix)
Holiday, Comfort, Warmth, Rhythm, Christmas. What else?

+12. Marsen Jules | La Digitale Pourpre
Interesting sound. I would say that Les Fleurs is an album of solid colors, smells and blooms...

+13. Philip Glass | Music In Twelve Parts - Part 4
There is nothing to say… Just Philip Glass. I feel myself like an astronaut when the second part is playing...

+14. Autechre | Cichli
I was listening just to some things... Until, once upon a time, I have heard these guys.

+15. Wes Montgomery | Dearly Beloved (Fred Astaire Cover)
True Electronica, except one thing… This is the Bebop of 1960’s.