WARMER MIXTAPES #1250 | by Phi Pham [Phi Unit]

1. Wet | You're The Best
It's Friday night and you're at this Bingo club in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but tonight they're not playing Bingo, they're playing Miami Bass and 90's Throwback Music through a 1999 Dell Laptop with Windows XP. There's this girl you always see around town, but don't know at all. You catch each other looking at each other and quickly looking back down at your drinks, which is obviously Miller High Life. She leaves and you can't think of anything else but this song.

2. Vybz Kartel | Turn & Wine
This song makes me think of being in the club in the Summertime when it's sweating, but in your head you're thinking about being in Jamaica. There's girls wining against the wall next to you, but you'd rather be staring at the Sun in the middle of the day walking around Kingston with beer in one hand and some coconut water in the other.

3. The Hues Corporation | Rock The Boat
When I listen to this, it makes me think of being at a wedding near the water, where there's a boat everyone will start heading towards for the after party.

4. Haim | The Wire
I always like driving down the freeway with the windows down and this song on full blast. The rhythmic pace of this song just lets you keep on going.

5. Todd Terje | Inspector Norse
One time I was at Rockaway Beach for Tiki Disco and this song came on and my sunglasses flew off never to be seen again. Sad story, but great time.

6. Pointer Sisters | Automatic
This brings me back to growing up in the middle of nowhere Colorado and driving through the wheat fields with the sunroof open and this song comes on the radio and it make me just want to drive to Nebraska with this on repeat.

7. Jamie xx | Far Nearer
Sometimes I picture being on a rooftop in Queens overlooking the rest of the city, maybe it's at 5 points, maybe it's near that Coca Cola sign near the water, but this song is blaring and I can't stop but think about the different colors of New York City.

8. Sky Ferreira | Sad Dream
This song is great when you're in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and your Internet service is bad, your phone service is bad, but you can still make coffee, so all is OK. You sip the coffee, look out the window and there's two deers eating the flowers in the backyard. Mother Nature is tite.

9. Julio Bashmore | Au Seve
On Saturday nights, when I'm walking down the street after some happy hour drinks, I like to think this song is going to be played at a warehouse party in the middle of Brooklyn. Not yet, not now, way too soon, but when I show up at the door, the bassline drops and mayhem ensues.

10. The-Dream | Fast Car
I like to think The-Dream listened to a lot of Prince at 3am on a Monday night after watching the Falcons during Monday Night Football and was inspired to make this song. He's thinking about driving through downtown in a fast car, taking in the sights of the city.