WARMER MIXTAPES #1251 | by Pavel Guryanov [AL-90]

1. SC49 | Erotic E180
This is the atmosphere that really permeated VHS Porn Movies in the 80s/90s, this is a situation when you can Fuck with Music, Pure Sex.

2. Cupp Cave | Tomb Face
Weird mood, unusual rhythm, unique sound.

3. ichiro_ | A Plume Silver Smoke
Coming out of Japan. The massive sounding drum kit really resonates through this track as he rips it to shreds, get the Volume to Maximum!

4. Burial + Four Tet | Moth
I like hearing how songs develop over time, I listened to this track on repeat over 1000 times, it's just gorgeous.

5. Toastyboy | Live Life Feel It
This thing is hypnotizing me, very deep atmosphere expresses a sense of Intensity and Absolute Relaxation at the same time, one of my favorite tracks no doubt.

6. Mr. Oizo | Halfanedit
Quentin Dupieux is one of my favourite artists, it needs to be on this list.

7. Gorje Hewek | Monta Sight
This track has been in my playlist for 6 years. In moments when I want to be sad, it's soaked in Melancholy feelings, one for when you are by yourself. Alone.

8. Actress | Caves Of Paradise
I am inspired by its sound, great work.

9. Hammon Decks | Disgo
Just an unobtrusive positive track.

10. iL | Like Me
+Love Me (smiLEAHs)... Two tracks with a running time of about 40 seconds. Containing Love and Hate as well as all apoLLo1ne3hree, it really is a masterpiece (Fuck Me - Kill Me).