WARMER MIXTAPES #1254 | by Kristian Finne Kristensen [Chorus Grant] of Cancer

Photos by Esben Bøg Jensen

1. Air | Highschool Lover (The Virgin Suicides Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The drowsiness and Valium-feel of Air's score to the film The Virgin Suicides has been very inspirational to me in writing songs for my album Space. This is the only Air album that I'm really into, but, man, am I in to it... The drowsy prog speaks volumes to me. This song is the score's red-thread-melody stripped down to piano and strings. I love this album and listen to it a lot.

2. Arthur Russell | I Couldn't Say It To Your Face
A good friend introduced me to the Music of Arthur Russell a couple of years ago and since the first listen I have been drawn to this intimate and soulful voice and Experimental cello playing. Some time later I stumbled across this track that is Arthur's songwriting with more Traditional instrumentation and found it very inspirational. In addition to loving the vibe of the song and the sound of the individual parts I relate intensely to the words.

3. Aaron Embry | Moon Of The Daylit Sky 
I had been aware of Aaron Embry from him playing with Elliott Smith's live band around the time of Figure 8 and also from playing piano with Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. One day I heard an astonishing song by Aaron as a solo artist called No Go (alternative version). This led me to spending time with his solo effort Tiny Prayers. In this live version of Moon Of The Daylit Sky he plays an incredible looking four-string-long-neck-mandolin-type-thing and his performance is a lesson in how little it takes to create Magic.

4. Avi Buffalo | Jessica
Sub Pop band Avi Buffalo's self titled album is a treat all the way through. My girlfriend's name is Avi and I think that's why I gravitated towards this band originally and I'm glad I did. Great songs with instrumentation underlining and emphasizing lyrics. I like that the song is so light on its feet and find the Musicianship absolutely great.

5. Beck | Paper Tiger
Sea Change is a great album in every way. Through my love for this album I crawled into Serge Gainsbourg and began listening especially for the bass playing and drumming on these records. This influenced me deeply. Not to mention the string arrangements on Sea Change. I keep returning to this album.

6. Cass McCombs | Angel Blood
Cass McCombs is the one songwriter that I've fallen hardest for over the course of the last couple of years. Every record that he has put out since Dropping The Writ in 2007 has been great. He does something with diction and melody that I love. Here's a song from his latest record Big Wheel And Others, a whopping 22 songs album. His Subtleness is fantastic and the band is awesome.

7. Department Of Eagles | No One Does It Like You
I was never bit by the Grizzly Bear bug. I enjoy the band's albums, but the songs never bit me. Department Of Eagles' In Ear Park album however really got me for some reason. I saw the group perform a small set on a rooftop on YouTube and really got into the Music. Just loved watching them play. Daniel Rossen (who's in Grizzly Bear too) is a great songwriter and an inspiring guitar player.

8. Dirty Projectors | Impregnable Question
Mixing the whole drum kit to one side of the spectre in an old school fashion really took me by surprise and functioned as such an ear spa on this completely wonderful album. What a dirty projection and flash back to another time in a new way.

9. Molly Drake | I Remember
Molly Drake is Nick Drake’s mother and her songs are so beautiful and intimate in a formal and chaste way. Please read these lyrics while you listen to the song. This song hits me in my very core.

We tramped the open moorland in the rainy April weather
And came upon the little inn that we had found together
The landlord gave us toast and tea and stopped to share a joke
And I remember firelight
I remember firelight
I remember firelight
And you remember smoke

We ran about the meadow grass with all the harebells bending
And shaking in the summer wind a summer never-ending
We wandered to the little stream among the river flats
And I remember willow trees
I remember willow trees
I remember willow trees
And you remember gnats

We strolled the Spanish marketplace at 90 in the shade
With all the fruit and vegetables so temptingly arrayed
And we can share a memory as every lover must
And I remember oranges
I remember oranges
I remember oranges
And you remember dust

The autumn leaves are tumbling down and winter's almost here
But through the spring and summertime we laughed away the year
And now we can be grateful for the gift of memory
For I remember having fun
Two happy hearts that beat as one
When I had thought that we were "we"
But we were "you and me"

10. Chorus Grant | O Everyone