WARMER MIXTAPES #1256 | by Marc Euvrie [The Eye Of Time] of Sugartown Cabaret, Karysun and Aussitôt Mort/MORT MORT MORT

1. Rage Against The Machine | Bulls On Parade
I was a teenager and this music blew my mind. I remember exactly, before summer, first party, first time of my life getting drunk. Then I started my first band covering RATM, live shows were awesome. I learned playing guitar with this band, and the lyrics made me interested into political ideas.

2. Sigur Rós | Untitled #8 (aka Popplagið aka The Pop Song)
I think it's the best song of all time. The song I listened the most. I've been happy, I've been sad, I've been every emotions that Life can give me listening to this song. It has always been part of my life.

3. Samuel Barber | Adagio For Strings (Performed by NBC Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Arturo Toscanini)
The sadest song of all time. I can't understand how someone can make this. It's like taking the Sadness in your hand and making a jewel out of it, and putting it in a museum of emotions for the Human memories.

4. Gabriel Fauré | Élégie in C minor, Op. 24 (Performed by Jacqueline du Pré with Gerald Moore)
I was in a record shop, listening to some records (a time without Internet), and, when I had this song in my ears, I knew that I HAD to learn playing cello in my life.

5. The Beggaz | On The Strenght
This reminds me of a time of Happiness. A time when I was skateboarding all day in the streets with my friends. Remembering this time makes me so melancolic.

6. The Third Eye Foundation | I've Lost That Loving Feline
I'm in Rennes, a student city. First year as a student, and out of my mother's house. Very sad period, because I discover the first days of University. That it was not OK for me, and also the girlfriend I was living with was not OK. I was supposed to go in a straight line for a normal life. I was really lost in Love. It remembers me of being in the subway, listening to this record, going to the campus, thinking what the fuck am I doing here?. And I decided to change my life, doing what I wanted to in Music, and trying Electronica. That's how The Eye Of Time begins.

7. M83 | In Church
Deepest heartbreak in Love I've ever had. I was so much in  Love with that girl, nothing outside of that was existing. A very dangerous Love that ended very brutal. I was in Heaven for a month, and she was gone away as fast as a breath.

8. Godspeed You Black Emperor! | Storm: Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas To Heaven...
Good time after Rennes, after I broke up with this girl. I met new friends in a new city, I studied Music at the Conservatorium, which was a really great time. And this was all due to my new girlfriend which made me discover a lot of new things, and we loved each other very much. These are great memories. New Life. First serious bands playing in.

9. Björk | Unravel
A Time Lost in Love. This song is always calming me, like a lullaby when I'm mad or sad. Like a mother talking to you to make you have a good sleep. And nothing bad is coming to you anyway.

10. Tragedy | Call To Arms
Everything is said with the name of this song. SO true.