WARMER MIXTAPES #1268 | by James King [The GTW] of JODY

1. Ghost Town DJ's | My Boo
In my opinion the catchiest song ever made. The chord progressions are so soulful and the ATL Bass patterned drums are Innovation at it's best. It came out at a time where most R&B vocals where either on mid-down Tempo beats, or just a straight up House tracks (similar to today). I remember hearing this in the Summer of '95 in the Northside of Chicago at my aunty's house while she barbequed. My cousins blasted this track and I've known every word since '95. This is my wedding song.

2. Marvin Sapp | Never Would Have Made It 
Honestly, the first time I heard this I cried (like a sensitive thug). Really made me happy for all the things God has pulled me through. It's so soulful. I feel like all types of Music should have Soul like this. The way he preaches then mid sentence starts singing blows my mind every time. Music with a message is so important. Gospel Music rooted me musically, I used to sing in my church choir so that will never leave me.

3. Virgo | Apple Pie
As you can see I'm clearly obsessed with ATL Bass & B. Though this song is similar to My Boo and produced by the same folk (Lil John & Jermaine Dupri), it has a light airy elegance to it. A lot of the stuff in my solo project is inspired by this sound. Boy, you got me sprung on you.

4. Awilo Longomba | Gate Le Coin
When I was in Nigeria in 2000's, during the rainy season this song blew up the whole continent. The dance was called Makossa, it's pretty much someone slightly bent down and walking around in stiff, structured motions with flailing arms and legs. The Soukous Central/West African guitars are dominant in the song. The sweet bass lines guide the mid tempo African dance smash.

5. Sérgio Mendes | Mas Que Nada (feat. The Black Eyed Peas) (Jorge Ben Cover)
I'm a big fan of Jazz and an even bigger fan of Football. When I first got into watching football my favourite teams where the Nigerian Super Eagles and the Samba Kings of Brazil. Sérgio Mendes' Mas Que Nada was the theme song for all of the Brazillian Nike commercials. So catchy, so Bossa, so Nova.

6. Quantic & Nickodemus | Mi Swing Es Tropical (feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars)
OK, OK, maybe I'm a little bit obsessed with good Brazillian Music. I first heard this song at an Afro Latin block party I performed at in Chicago. Every one in the streets where dancing. I saw a little girl no older than 4 years old hoola hooping to this song. I started dancing with her, it was probably one of the best Summer moments of my life. There's a lot of this influence in my first solo project Don't Smoke The Cigarrette. I reffer to this as World Cup Music.

7. Justin Timberlake | Señorita
Señorita, I feel 4 youuu... You deal with things that you don't have to... IT FEELS LIKE SOMETHING'S HEATING UP, CAN I LEAVE WITH YOU?... One of the last songs I've watched on Total Request Live, absolutely hated it when first heard it, then fell flat on my face the next time I heard it. I MISS YOU, CARSON, DAILY!

8. Machinedrum | Roll + Feel (feat. Nami Unreal)
Senior in High School I was only listening to 3 people: Lily Allen, The Cool Kids, and Machinedrum. His song Roll + Feel spoke to a young lad with his Vogue House like minor chords (which are so prevalent in today's Beat culture) and his awkward 808 drum patterns. He had the perfect balance of Ambiance and Soul. TRAVIS STEWART IS A LEGEND.

9. Enya | Orinoco Flow
My dad was a cab driver and all he played was what I would describe today as POST CLASSICAL Music. Enya was one of those artist I heard in my dad's cab as a little 7 year old boy on the way from the city to the 'burbs. The tune Orinoco Flow is so buttery, airy and delightful. I feel like traveling aboard a Time Machine into the Rennaisance era and flying around naked with forest fairies on the way to the Castle of Life surrounded by the Moat of Death.

10. Rudimental | Sexy Sexy (feat. Natalie May)
Not sure why Rudimental stopped making soulful Funky House. This song changed my life! Similar to a South African Kwaito track, except this is a hit that I felt could cross waters as a Mainstream hit with a lot of Substance. Natalie May's vocals are so crisp. I wanted to move to the UK when this song first captured my ear, I don't anymore though.

+11. Sweater Beats | MY GVRL