WARMER MIXTAPES #1269 | by Greta Morgan [Springtime Carnivore]

1. Arthur Russell | Close My Eyes
I love the lyrics in this song - it feels like a sensory description from someone who is coming newly alive. The feeling you get when your hair stands on end because lightning is about to strike. I also love Arthur Russell's self-taught recording wizardry, which is so unique and charming.

2. Mississippi John Hurt | Spike Driver Blues
The rhythm in his playing is like champagne bubbles bursting out of the bottle.

3. Calvin Love | Cover Up
This record came out on the same label as Springtime Carnivore (Autumn Tone Records), and it was an important one for me last fall. I can feel the leaves changing and dropping off the trees when I hear this song.

4. of Montreal | Dustin Hoffman Does Not Resist Temptation To Eat The Bathtub
Strange title, beautiful song. This is an early 4-track recording of Kevin Barnes from of Montreal.

5. Tymon Dogg | Velvet Stella
The most beautiful song to ever be written about a bed ridden, near-death prostitute.

6. Piero Piccioni | Mexican Dream (Colpo Rovente Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
One of my favorite instrumentals of all time. This is one of the most beautiful, luminous pieces. It feels like morning light to me. Just fantastic. Also, it's very simply based around two chords, but has such incredible movement.

7. Tim Hardin | It'll Never Happen Again
Tim Hardin is one of the artists my partner and I often play in the evening once all our work is done. His voice has an unwinding quality to me. Even though this is a regretful song, it signifies the end of something and a new beginning seems in sight.

8. Sparklehorse | Don't Take My Sunshine Away
I love how the chorus opens up and all the tones on this song floor me. Again, there's a self-taught charm to the way Mark Linkous records everything and it's the perfect way to bring his incredible songwriting to Life.

9. Bob Lind | Cool Summer
This one also takes me back to a summer a few years ago when I started dating my partner. We cruised around in a convertible all summer playing it. It's a nice memory.

10. Joanna Newsom | Sadie
I am such a huge fan of Joanna Newsom in general. I love the spirit of her songs, the strangeness of the lyrics, and her arrangements. She's just totally brilliant. This is one I come back to often.