WARMER MIXTAPES #1272 | by Delroy Plummer [Black Zheep DZ]

1. The Notorious B.I.G. | Everyday Struggle 
Reason being is 'cuz it feels like an anthem to a lot of lives coming from Baltimore, including mine's, you know? Another day, another story, it's a real inspiration too.

2. Jay-Z | Can I Live
The production on it is crazy. Sometimes I also feel like that, you know? (can a niggi just live?). It's a motivation. On top of that it's something I played when I hopped in my Lexus GS to start almost everyday off, right after Everyday Struggle.

3. The Weeknd | Next 
I just be feeling like that a lot of times when I encounters certain females. Of the females just wanting you for your worth.

4. Butch Dawson | Pistol Pete 
I love the nostalgia behind the production & the way he flows on the beat, which captures the whole vibe for it.

5. Kanye West | Late 
The beat is hard, the lyrics are hard & it's from one of his best albums... The end. 

6. Frank Ocean | Sierra Leone
It's a peaceful piece of Art, metaphorical & well put together. The type of shit I like to hear a lot.

7. Kendrick Lamar | The Art Of Peer Pressure 
It just takes me back on memories when I used to be with the gang-bangers, around my side of town & Life was almost equivalent to exactly what I was going through.

8. Young Jeezy | Go Hard
The track is tough. On top of that, he killed it showing his lyrical ability. This brings back a lot of memories along with the rest of Trap Or Die 2.

9. N*E*R*D | God Bless Us All
It's a motivational track & the production is CRAZY on it (of course!)... Haha.

10. D.R.A.M. | Never Again 
It's one of those songs that speaks on exactly how you feel when you get too drunk or too high, haha. I feel like... Who doesn't feel like that when it happens... Which is why I like it so much.