WARMER MIXTAPES #1273 | by Terick Lamont Nelson [Terick Lamont]

1. 2Pac | Trapped (with Shock G)
This was the first 2Pac song I had fully memorized the lyrics. At the time I was getting older and treated different 'cause I wasn't a lil' black boy, I was a big black man, and I didn't know how to feel, and this song kind of illustrated it for me and the paths that I have in Life. I was like I can go to School, get my foot in the door and do something with my life, or I can die or get locked up.

2. Nas | Rewind
THIS MAN RAPPED A FUCKING STORY IN REVERSE. IT'S LIKE HE JUST GOT BORED. And was like, ay, my nigga, Ima Rap this shit reverse, son... It was hard putting this on over... I gave you Power.

3. Jay-Z | Feelin' It (feat. Mecca)
I heard this track and was like this man's flow and vocabulary are ridiculous. Really inspired my flow.

4. OutKast | Prototype
I was laughing when I first saw the video, but the song is a classic, and should have more recognition. André knows how to put together a song and still have content, even when he singing. Stank you smelly much...

5. Alicia Keys | Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) (feat. Drake)
This song is high key perfect. Like flawless. It's rare you hear a completely flawless track. Alicia does it all the time. But I liked how she sang over a lot of bassy low key Hip Hop beats, like how Lana Del Rey used to do too, or SZA now, I love that shit.

6. The-Dream | Falsetto
This track is also flawless, I didn't like The-Dream at first 'cause I thought Shawty Is A 10 was trash, but this is one of my favorite tracks of all time. This dude is a great songwriter and producer, real inspiration.

7. Kanye West | Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)
I feel like everybody loves this song and has no idea what it's about. I listened to it and figured it out before Rap Genius got poppin' and was like... Damn, Kanye painting pictures, but still has to make a catchy song, you know. This song changed my approach to Song Writing.

8. The Killers | When You Were Young
EPIC AS FUCK. BRANDON FLOWERS, ELITE SONGWRITER AND VOCALIST, don't let anybody tell you any different. This track might be my favorite song of all time.

9. Kanye West | Spaceship (feat. Consequence & GLC)
I used to be in the clothing store working, singing that song. People I worked with was like Are you making that up now?. Hahaha... It just perfectly illustrated my situation at the time.

10. Nas | The Cross
Maaaaaaan, I was pissed when I heard Stigmata by Ab-Soul. He got MAAAAAAAD... Respect points for sampling the hardest Nas line of all time, haha.