WARMER MIXTAPES #1283 | by Luki Schmidiger [Funky Notes]

1. De La Soul | Forever
A friend of mine in the States sent me the link to this song a few weeks ago. De La Soul has always been a great inspiration to me and the song, especially the beat, speaks to me in many ways. It's been helping me through some rough times I went through the last couple of weeks.

2. Oh No | I Can't Help Myself (feat. Stacy Epps)
This song has been on my player for a long time now. The beat is off the chain and OHNO in particular is a big influence for my own production. Also, the lyrics do really appeal, as we have all went through times like this with the women/men.

3. Dela | How To Fish (feat. Reach)
A friend of mine introduced me to this French beatmaker (Dela) some time ago. This was the song that had me listening most. The power in the message of the song is immaculate. I also like the beat, that reminds me of some old Pete Rock stuff. We all have grandparents and whether you had a great interaction with them or not, you wouldn't be here without them!

4. Planet Asia | Rock Tha Mic
Planet Asia is pretty much my favorite MC! This is an old song I somehow got back in my fingers and I love to bump it. It brings me back to the time when I first heard Planet Asia and the Cali Agents and I still think that this is one dope piece of a song! Lyrically, Planet Asia is ripping down everything and the beat is just simple and catchy.

5. Blu & Exile | Blu Collar Workers
I discovered Blu maybe 2 -3 years ago. Exile is a big inspiration for my own production and this song has influenced me a lot. The way the samples are chopped and played is ridiculously good, when you listen to the original song! (Martha And The Vandellas - Quicksands). Also the lyrics are quite appealing. I can definitely feel what Blu is saying…We all gotta work!

6. Saïan Supa Crew | Ils Étaient Une Fois
This is French Rap and basically my favorite French Rap crew. The energy they have is unseen and this song especially has a dope 90's type of beat and the MC's (there are like 6 in total) are all dope and unique with their flows. Even though you might not understand French… Give it a listen!

7. KRS-One | A Friend
This has always been one of my favorite KRS tracks! The beat is just insane and of course… KRS is… KRS! I can definitely relate to the lyrics as well… I like to bump this song whenever I'm relaxing! We all need friends in Life and whenever I listen to this song I get reminded of how blessed I am to have a few really close and good friends.

8. Truth Enola | Ill Lovin' Part II (feat. Jean Grae)
This song has been on my player forever… It brings me back to times where I basically had it all… A girl, a job, an apartment and Life was just good. Then all the things went down and I was somewhat lost for some months. This song helped me through the struggle a lot! Even though the lyrics concern a crazy relationship, this song stuck with me ever since! I just recently put it on my phone again and I basically been listening to it every day.

9. Moods | Love Is Real
I discovered Moods, a Dutch beat maker, some time ago. This song stuck to me ever since! The samples used in the track are from my favorite Jazz guitarist (Kenny Burrell) and I could hear that from the very first listen. It's hard to describe what the song is moving in me, but it's so uplifting and inspirational that I could listen to it all day long. The drums are really hard but complement well with the sample once it's hitting. I fell in love with this song and I still listen to it a lot.

10. De La Soul | All Good? (feat. Chaka Kahn)
This is MY SONG! Whenever I hear it, it lifts me up. The track has been with me for many years now, I also play this song whenever I get to spin at a club because the mood of it is just happy and good. There are many songs that have accompanied me in the last couple of years, but none of them had an impact on me like this one. Whenever I hear the song I feel good and I tell myself, no matter what situation I'm in currently, it'll be all good.