WARMER MIXTAPES #1284 | by Angelina Torreano of Gutter Lily and CITRIS

1. Deerhunter | Saved By Old Times 
I just got into Deerhunter as of recently and I find this song to be my favorite off the album, Microcastle. I heard of them through various friends in College and decided to listen to them (probably later than I should have). This song in particular makes me feel rather nostalgic, especially more than halfway towards the end when he keeps saying I was saved by old times... again and again. At first when I heard this song I thought the changes were interesting/unexpected which is what I usually looking for in Music. First time I heard this song, I was in a car with my boyfriend, Josh Arbo, and we were stuck behind a guy whose car broke down. Josh was really stressed, but I found this song to be very distracting so I wasn't really paying attention to the stressful matter at hand (good and bad thing).

2. Mac DeMarco | Cooking Up Something Good
When I first heard Mac DeMarco, it was when he came to SUNY Purchase to play on the Main Stage in The Stood on some random night of the week, I think it might of been a Thursday night in my Junior year. I went with a good friend and roommate of mine at the time - Zoe Browne. She was the one who wanted to go in the first place so I decided to tag along. When we had gotten there, there was a decent crowd (good enough for crowd surfing but not overly packed where you can't even breathe - so it was perfect). One of the first songs he played was Cooking Up Something Good. I remember finding the beginning part kind of quirky and cheesy, but when it hit the chorus, I thought to myself - Yes. This is it. So this song was kind of the staple of what drew me into Mac DeMarco in the first place. Just a very awesome/driving/catchy chorus that stuck in my head. Not to mention, a wonderful spontaneous decision to see a cool band on the rise.

3. Wild Nothing | Ocean Repeating (Big-Eyed Girl)
The first time I heard about this song was about a year ago from my long time friend, Claire Pagano. Claire is usually the source of where I hear about really great/New Music from. I think we may have been in a car which is where I usually hear a lot of Music for the first time. She wanted to show me a song that she had been really into for a while and right when she put it on, I was interested in almost immediately. The guitar riff is so catchy and fun and just instantly makes me feel good about everything. Not to mention, the Music Video is awesome. Just a bunch of beautiful mermaids swimming and some big blue body of water. I would always listen to this song when I was living in Washington Heights for a summer, sweating it out, wishing I was somewhere with an ocean nearby. It's also good for riding on your bike on the way to a beach or from a beach. I would know because I've done it a few times while I stayed in Sag Harbor at my dad's.

4. Malcolm McLaren | About Her
This is an awesome Trip-Hop tune based on She's Not There by The Zombies. When I watched Kill Bill Volume 2 this song came on right before Uma was preparing to kill her ex-lover Bill. Very emotional and intense moment in the plot, so the song was very fitting for that moment in the film. The verses are very moody while the choruses are very chill and sort of sexy. But what I really live for are the verses in the song. They're my favorite thing and what I look forward to after the chorus ends. It's a perfect description of what's happening in the movie (or at least what I interpret from it). Uma still loves Bill somewhere deep down inside, and vice versa, even though he killed all of her friends and, most importantly, her fiancé, and took away her child. There's still Love buried deep down under all of those terrible things. So even though they still care for each other, she must kill him to get even. Very bittersweet moment matched with a very bittersweet Trip-Hop jam. I put it on when I'm trying to chill out and feel moody on my way to work or classes or when I'm trying to make Love.

5. Mac DeMarco | Exercising With My Demons 
Another awesome Mac DeMarco song. Not a lot of people are familiar with this song, which I don't know why since it's really cool and the Music Video concept is pretty sweet as well. First time I heard it, I was probably just listening to Mac DeMarco on YouTube (I don't know why, but sometimes I do that) and I stumbled upon the video/song and from then on, it was my jam all throughout Senior Year of Purchase. Me and my friends would listen to it on their speakers in Alumni Village a lot. I don't know, it's just one of his more edgy/Grunge songs that I find to be very honest and I like anything that seems like it's coming from an honest place. Not to mention, I can relate to it lyrically. Plus, the video is just him and a bunch of his friends hanging out with painted faces. It just makes me wanna hang out with him and his crew. Looks fun!

6. Buke And Gase | Hiccup
Hiccup is one of my personal favorites by this female fronted Math Rock band. This song is on the more chilled out, Grunge side of their material. First time I heard this band, they came to Purchase and played on the Main Stage. Everyone was in love with her because she was so talented and beautiful. I think what I appreciate most from this group is the skill & musicianship with all their odd timings and crazy harmonic textures. I really enjoy this song simply because I find this song to be something I would write (not that I write like them, but I can definitely find similarities). Put this song on when you're feeling okay, but not great. It's perfect for grey areas.

7. The Smiths | The Headmaster Ritual
Classic song by a classic band. I heard this song from my friend Claire who was pretty into The Smiths in High School. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I'm having this huge epiphany of some sort or just having some sort emotional breakthrough. Very rejuvenating yet, at the same time, it rocks out. And I appreciate that. I used to listen to this song in my dorm or when I was living on my own for the first time in Washington Heights to and from working at this Cheese shop. I had a mattress on the floor of my room and tapestries all around and I would listen to this song and suddenly I wouldn't feel so lonely anymore in such a big city.

8. Boards Of Canada | Chromakey Dreamcoat
When I first heard this song, it was through a friend, most likely Eric Holsten. He posted it on a rather gloomy rainy day and he said something like, Perfect Rainy Day Music, and he was absolutely right. Ever since, I've been listening to it on gloomy days and it's very satisfying. It's also great for a chilled out party atmosphere. Super atmospheric and vibey. Great Electronic/Trip Hop style group that has featured a lot of their Music on Adult Swim (best way to hear of cool Underground Electronic Music). Not to mention, it's cool to put this song on at the end of a very tiring Friday night.

9. Tame Impala | It Is Not Meant To Be
I heard of Tame Impala about two years ago, and since they've just blown up. This song is the first song off Innerspeaker which is my favorite out of all of their albums. The whole album is just this big Psychedelic creation, but I find that this song in particular has both Psychedelic qualities as well as story-like. It starts the album off on the right foot. It gives you a plot line where the rest of the songs become more and more ambiguous and trippy, which is a cool thing, but this song gives the album direction and focus while maintain that Psychedelic Rock vibe. One of their more low-key feel-good songs with contradicting lyrics. This song has been wonderful for riding in the car on the way to the ocean, relaxing near some body of water or just chilled out Background Music to whatever it is you may be doing.

10. ScHoolboy Q | Man Of The Year
I thought it would be fun to add in some random unexpected Rap Music that I can just have fun listening to with a few friends on a Friday or Saturday night. To be quite honest, I have a lot of good memories to this song. Perfect for pre gaming with your buddies to kick off the weekend. A good suggestion: put the Music Video on full screen whilst pre gaming and have all your friends get distracted by all the luscious booty. Also, if you're in Montauk and are trying to turn up, blast this song and order yourself a really delicious Margarita or Mojito. This song can get a bit repetitive so make sure to save it for the right moment or if you don't know what else to put on, just use this song as a default. That's what I did and my friends don't seem to mind.

+11. Childish Gambino | Sweatpants (feat. Problem)
Another cool Rap song by a really fun and exciting rapper, Childish Gambino. This is my favorite song of his. I stumbled upon this song through curiosity, since I see him blowing up everywhere, and I have to say, this song is my jam. If I'm feeling raw and angst-y, I'll put this song on. I definitely think that this song is very braggy but, nonetheless, I find this song very appealing and kind of glamorous. If there's one thing I can say about this song, is that it definitely makes me want to step up my game more and more every time I listen to it. Great for regaining motivation if you have lost it which many of us can experience.

+12. Queens Of The Stone Age | Sky Is Falling
This is a song I heard from one of my close friends, Abby Lane. I had been into Queens Of The Stone Age for a while, but then she showed me this song and I realized that there was more to be discovered. Whenever I'm in a kick ass or aggressive mood, I putt this song on. And especially when I'm with Abby Lane. This is our jam. You can put this song on any time you want, don't listen to what anybody says. It's definitely a mood changer, but it's a good one. Also very good for party setting. Makes you feel on Top of the World. One word: Epic. And sometimes, we just need to feel epic.