1. Jose Nunez | Bilingual (feat. Taina) (Dirty Mix)
I heard it in 2004. This track gave me permission to do Afterhours, one of the first original hot dirty Electro tracks deadmau5 and I worked on together… I see you sitting at the bar, I wonder who the fuck you are.

2. LMFAO | Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock)
This track totally inspired a late night studio session with Wizard Sleeve at Play Deep Studios, where we came up with this Hip Hop/Electro track Turn You Out. Later the Spekrfreks ended up bringing that track to Life.

3. Emeli Sandé | Heaven
This track made me understand a better approach to vocals in a Musical Drum 'N' Bass/Dubstep kind of way, such as my version of remixes on my self produced track Intuition. Emeli’s video also inspired me to reach for something similar.

4. Dimitri From Paris | Une Very Stylish Fille
Discovering Dimitri From Paris in Miami at the Winter Music Conference... How do I look?... Very good, I must say I'm amazed!!!!... His Music gave me permission to use samples from old movies and mash 'em up with my Cocktail Music and new beats.

5. Mason vs. Princess Superstar | Perfect (Exceeder)
The first time I heard this song I thought how similar it was to my track Beautiful, Rich & Horny. My hips, my lips, my ass, my class...

6. Nero | Promises
The first time I heard this I thought What a cool magical huge Orchestral Dubstep! What an awesome thing to do with Dubstep and the vocal is so eerie. The schoolgirl video adds such an insideous dark side to the whole vibe... I Love it! It made me think more about how to approach Dubstep with big Music and interesting vocals. It inspired my tracks Intuition & Wishing and my collab with Calvertron - 8Bit Dreamz.

7. Benga & Coki | Night
I love the BOOO BOOO BOOO chorus, which is an instrument not a vocal chorus. It always makes me laugh and dance real hard!

8. Melleefresh vs. SpekrFreks | Wishing
Melleefresh vs. Spekrfreks' Wishing is a modern day take of Disney's Snow White, sung in a Melleee Care Bears style with a perfect Spekrfreks Glitch Hop take. Soooo Cool, I love when the drop kicks in... It's so Wonky!

9. Sia | Chandelier
These next 2 tracks were the inspiration for Apparition, my latest hit single. Sia's voice is me in my dreams and the video iced the cake! The young girl throwing herself around an abandoned Grungy house with gleeful abandonment, was awesome. The video makes no sense to the lyrics, which make no sense, and neither does the dance... It's perfect inspiration for the dreamy melodined Trance Mix version of Apparition.

10. Daft Punk | Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams)
This was exactly how I wanted my vocals to be on the Pop Mix of Apparition, robotic with a memorable hook.