WARMER MIXTAPES #1304 | by Topi Paananen [Somepoe]

1. Paul Wall | Just Paul Wall (Screwed & Chopped by Michael ”5000” Watts)
This is just so real, an honest Life biography of Paul Wall. Screwed version works even better than the original, giving it a more mellow vibe.

2. DJ Funk | Three Fine Hoes (Sinjin Hawke Remix) (Extended Mix)
My taxi was waiting for me outside of the Ace Hotel in New York on Spring 2013. I was leaving to airport and had to exchange last tunes with Sinjin Hawke at the lobby. That’s when Sinjin gave me an Extended Mix of his of Three Fine Hoes Remix. This is one of the best club tracks I’ve ever heard and it has been in heavy rotation since then.

3. Masters At Work | The Ha Dance (Ken/Lou Mixx)
Foundation for the Vogue-sound. Still a fresh sounding production that gets tons of plays on my sets.

4. Mike G | Pool Tool
Forthcoming Car Crash Set track that’s going to be a huge one. I’m a fan of stripped down production style and Pool Tool is a great example of it. Really honored to be part of the Car Crash Set team, so many interesting artists coming out at the moment.

5. Brenmar | Taking It Down
Amazing track from Brenmar’s first EP At It Again. It was released in 2010 and I’m still playing this out! Smashes the dance floor every time. I’ve seen Brenmar live in NYC and his set was a perfect blend of club sounds, remixes of classics and Modern Rap. Exactly the kind of stuff I’m feeling.

6. Chemise | She Can’t Love You
If I had to pick my top 5 Dance tracks of all time, this would be a strong candidate. Every time I hear this one, memories of cruising down the Pacific Coast in California come to my mind.

7. Aaliyah | Try Again (with Timbaland) (Romeo Must Die Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I heard this first time as a demo song in Fruity Loops. It must’ve been early 2000s. I straight away fell in love with the unorthodox Acid bassline and Aaliyah’s vocals. I had her fan poster on my wall too and soon I heard that there’s been an accident.

8. Guido | Orchestral Lab
Still one of the greatest tracks of Dubstep’s Purple Sound movement. The BPM could be the only thing to do with the genre though. It’s a digital symphony that’s slowly building up with an amazing melody. Had an honor to host Guy at our party in Finland. Super nice dude and a really talented producer.

9. YG | My Nigga (feat. Jeezy + Rich Homie Quan)
DJ Mustard is the number one producer in the game at the moment. Beats are enviably stripped down and every single one is a hit. Dope verse from Jeezy!

10. DJ Assault | Nympho
Just a perfect last track for the club.