WARMER MIXTAPES #1305 | by Lidwine de Royer Dupré [Lidwine]

Photo by Thierry Rateau

1. Prince | If I Was Your Girlfriend
Prince is definitely one of my main inspirations. He is probably the artist I have listened to the most. I have learnt a lot about Production listening to his work (from his first albums until Lovesexy, I guess...). This track is from the album Sign "O" The Times. I love the quirky beginning, the pitched voice, the beat and of course the lyrics. What attracts me in his Music is not the funky part of it, but rather all the otherworldly tracks he has created, his experimentations and daring choices of production.

2. Kate Bush | Hello Earth
I don't know all of Kate Bush, just some tracks that I picked up listening to her albums. I admire her freedom, even though I am not fond of the sound of that time: the heavy metallic reverbs, bass sounds, etc.... But she has her own vision and I can only bow in respect. I picked Hello Earth, which was featured on Hounds Of Love, because it is representative of her cinematographic way of writing, arranging and producing. It's also a good example of her way to blend various sources in her Music, like Traditional Music (the male choir sings a traditional piece from Georgia) or Field Recordings (whales sound, etc....).

3. Björk | 5 Years
It is tough to pick only one song from Björk, because her work is so versatile and rich. But I guess it has to be one from Homogenic, so let's say I pick 5 Years. I love the rawness of the beat and the beautifully tense strings arrangements, the meaning of the song and the animal energy it conveys. She is an intense singer, a daring producer, a great musician with a vision, thus a great inspiration.

4. Stina Nordenstam | Purple Rain (Prince And The Revolution Cover)
In 1998, Stina Nordenstam released an album of covers entitled People Are Strange. Her cover of Purple Rain is my favourite one. I love the way she makes the song completely hers, but never loses its original essence. And this is exactly what covers should be: new interpretations, appropriations of the genuine essence contained in the song.

5. Barbra Streisand | Don't Rain On My Parade (Funny Girl Original Broadway Cast Recording)
This is a song from the musical Funny Girl (1968) starring Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice, an American comedian from the early 20th Century. For me, this is one of the best Musicals ever. The story is great, it is funny and emotional and filled with marvellous songs (written by Jule Styne). Eventhough Barbra Streisand wrote a couple of songs later on, I admire her mostly for her amazing voice which sounds very true and natural to me. If you listen to her recordings from the 60's and early 70's, you definitely feel the generosity and wit in her voice and interpretations. As for this one song, she sings it at a very special moment in the movie, when she makes a big decision in her life, so... This brings me to the next entry...

6. Gavin Bryars | The North Shore
+ Intermezzo + Allegrasco... I made a big decision once in my life. I had studied about 4 years, then started working in a small company. The team was wonderful, the job interesting, but at times very hectic. After several years, I decided to quit my job and spend some time in the house owned by my grandmother at the seafront somewhere in Normandy. It was winter, I was by myself. I had bought 2 sequencers (QY70 & QY700), a computer and a keyboard, and I had to think about what I really wanted to do with my life. I spent almost 3 months there. It was a wonderful time: I read, wrote, listened to Music, composed my first songs and swam almost everyday. When I came back to Paris, I had made the decision to never again work full time, in order to allow myself to work on my Musical project. I knew it would take time and sweat, but also that it was worth it, simply because it would make me feel better. The North Shore / Intermezzo / Allegrasco by Gavin Bryars is definitely the soundtrack of these 3 months. Each time, I listen to it, I am back in this house at a wonderful and crucial time of my life.

7. Maurice Ravel | Boléro (Tempo Di Boléro, Moderato Assai) (Played by Boston Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Seiji Ozawa)
When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with Classical Dance (like many little girls I bet...). My mother used to take me to Classical Ballets, as well as Contemporary ones, like those of French choregraph Maurice Béjart. So I guess I was impregnated with Classical and Contemporary Music at an early age. I love the Music of Ravel and, since the Boléro was choregraphed by Béjart, it also reminds me of these early years. It is a powerful and mesmerising piece of Music.

8. Lakshmi Shankar | Holi: Raga Khafi
Traditional Music is also part of my life. I love Bulgarian Choirs such as Eva Quartet. I've listened to Inuit throat singing, Tibetan singing, Japanese Music, Eastern Music, Mauritanian Music, Mandingue Music... And I regularly listen to Hindustani Classical Music: ragas such as this Raga Khafi.

9. Autechre | Clipper
Autechre is just one example of the Electronic Music I have listened to. Projects like Gas, Oval or Leila have definitely been part of my Musical education.

10. Ella Fitzgerald | Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington And His Orchestra Cover)
I simply love old Jazz standards. I have a compilation of female Jazz Music. Whenever I must cook for friends coming over at my place, I enjoy having a glass of red wine and listening to this CD and it starts with this track sang by the wonderful Ella Fitzgerald.