WARMER MIXTAPES #1316 | by Thomas Jonsson [I'm Kingfisher/Thomas Denver Jonsson] of A Perfect Friend, Forest City and Skägget Ryker

1. Jason Eady | Lonesome Down And Out
If there is anyone I wish (and imagine) would be me when I listen to Music in earphones and close my eyes, it's Jason Eady. Country Music in its purest, sure. But edgy and great, definitely a direction worth investigating in the future.

2. Drcarlsonalbion | Gold II (Gold Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I've been listening so much to Dylan Carlson's band Earth. This solo album, apparently the score to a movie, is so droney, Lo-Fi and trashy. Can't decide if he's strumming aimlessly or if there's any given direction. Regardless, those Metal and Country licks are genius!

3. Nick Drake | Time Has Told Me
Always need to get back to Nick Drake every now and then. Had a huge crush with Pink Moon when I was 20, with Bryter Layter around 27 and now at 35 I'm starting to understand his debut Five Leaves Left in a way I never did before. Time Has Told Me is so caressing, tender and well written.

4. Mac DeMarco | Brother
Might be my favorite album of 2014, it's a bit like feeling dizzy and sick in a good way. Sunlit Pop with a twist of nausea. And isn't there a hint of Islands in the stream on this one?

5. Mogwai | Like Herod
The volume! It's tearing my ears apart in the best way possible.

6. I Break Horses | Medicine Brush
Went to see Sigur Rós play some year ago, and I Break Horses was their support act. Sigur Rós' set was well-directed and entertaining, but my Music heart beated only for I Break Horses, love the Minimalism and the dystopic feeling. If I'd make a wish for a guest artist for my next album here and now, Maria Lindén would be the one.

7. M. Ward | Lullaby + Exile
A house god's best song must be good, doesn't it? There's not a weak element in this cut, every string and strum is at its best.

8. Helios | Bless This Morning Year
I asked Keith Kenniff of Helios if he was cool with me stealing the title of this song to a lyric on one of my songs. Ended up he guested on vocals and all kind of Electronic stuff on the album. The trembling lines of the electric guitar coming in around 1:20 into the song strikes a nerve in my heart and puts me in a state of mind and in a place I want to stay. It takes patience, but it's worth it.

9. Dear Euphoria | Coming Down
One of my best friends, Elina Johansson got one of the oddest and best ears and voice I know. Usually doing very edgy, introspective and dark Indie Pop, but latest EP all of a sudden mixed those feelings with lush Pop melodies, and it stands as a classic in my book. Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for a new album to come.

10. Songs: Ohia | I've Been Riding With The Ghost
Jason Molina's death followed over a year of hiatus listening to his Music for me. Just couldn't do it. Still can't understand he's gone forever. After finally being able to listen to his Music again without breaking apart I re-discovered this album which might be his best, The Magnolia Electric Co.. I envy his abilitity to play with Classic Country vibes into a Sound World of dark and monotone Indie Rock.