WARMER MIXTAPES #1317 | by Emanuel U. [$k¥Lin€/BoyPegasus/Pretty Falco/Crack Ignaz]

1. Lil B | Like A Martian
Just listened to it again recently and was straight reminded of how much I dig this song. The energy that is just so unique, that is why I really fuck with this song. TYBG. This song should be like the soundtrack to movies like Top Gun or Blood Sport, haha.

2. Daft Punk | Something About Us
I loved Daft Punk right from the first time I heard it, I guess in 2002 or something. The whole Discovery album got me hooked until today to be honest. It’s hard for me to choose my favourite track from this album, but I guess Something About Us is the most special to me. It always amazes me how simple and emotional it is at the same time.

3. Wu-Tang Clan | C.R.E.A.M.
Wu-Tang, especially the whole 36 Chambers album, had a great influence on me. This was probably the first Rap album I really got into like in 1996. Shout out to my brother by the way for getting this one and borrowing it to me. C.R.E.A.M. was probably the first track where I kind of understood the lyrics and which opened the door to the Wu-Tang universe to me.

4. Marcos Valle | Valeu (feat. Joyce)
I rode my bike to this song like every day in the morning, on my way to School, in my last High School year. I just love the Saudade of Bossa Nova, it’s like the one thing you cannot find anywhere else.

5. Computerjockeys | My Golden Boy (Golden Boy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This was the theme song to an Anime series called Golden Boy that ran on MTV back 2001… With lots of boobs and stuff. It’s just a pleasant childhood memory, haha.

6. Dead Prez | Hip Hop
Heard this song on the radio once and it took me about a year or two to find out what it was called. Besides of being a dope ass song, this track will always remind me of how easy it is today to find a certain song or artist… Or anything. Like, do you remember Napster?

7. Wiz Khalifa | Mezmorized
Definitely one of the Rap songs that changed my view on Hip Hop Music.

8. Jamiroquai | Little L
It was either this song or September from Earth, Wind & Fire. I just love this whole Disco Groove feeling.

9. James Morrison | You Give Me Something
This one was stuck in my head the whole time during a field trip to Paris. I don't know why. Paris is a beautiful city and I really like how the song is written.

10. Tibor Foco | A Linza Rappa
Probably my favourite Rap song written in Austrian dialect. The wordplay, punchlines, flow. Everything on point.