WARMER MIXTAPES #1319 | by Marquis Gasque [Murder Mark/Mighty Mark]

1. Lupe Fiasco | He Say She Say (feat. Gemini & Sarah Green)
This is one of my favorite songs because I believe that it tells the story of so many young African American men in the USA. It's so relatable and so real. This was before all of Lupe stuff was so political. One of the lines... I want you to be a father. I'm your little boy... And you don't even bother. Like 'Brother' without the R. The rhymes and the topic on that track were so real. I still listen to this song daily. I didn't know my father, but still am proud of the person I am today.

2. King Tutt | Ride Or Die
Classic Baltimore Club track that samples DMX's What's My Name. This track just feels so Baltimore, the original and the club track, and it's funny that, years after DMX's primetime had passed, he was on the BET Music Awards and they said he was really from Baltimore. Crazy, because if you listen to his stuff he has the Baltimore gruff/grittiness. This track is straight Gangster, when I hear it... It just feels like you're about to bust a few caps in someone.

3. Maroon 5 | This Love
This song struck close to heart because I stumbled on to it when I had a crush on a female that was bad, but I knew she wasn't good for me. The this love has taken its toll line was exactly what I would've sang if I could. Plus the song was just musically refreshing. The whole album was dope.

4. Daft Punk | Superheroes
One of the songs that seriously convinced to me to run with the Mighty Mark name full throttle. I was always a huge fan of Comics/Anime and this song gave me the idea to tie it in with my Music. I listened to this song a lot while kicking around the Mighty Mark name change idea. Besides the inspiration the song gave me... The song is a dope song. Shoot, doing this interview may cause me to start playing it again.

5. Eminem | Hailie's Song
Let's make one thing clear. Eminem been singing on songs for a long time before Drake and all these Atlanta rappers, LOL. I'm attracted to real songs with real emotions and I think this is one of Eminem's records that you really get a glimpse into his soul. The chorus is extremely catchy... Sometimes it feels like the World's on my shoulders. I don't have a daughter, but sometimes I feel the same way.

6. Mighty Mark | Cherry Hill & Down Ya Block (feat. Mike-Mike ZOME, DJ K-Spin and Young H.I.D.)
Why put my own song? Because it's not really my song... It's the song of a neighborhood. Cherry Hill & Down Ya Block is the theme song of a lower income area in Baltimore. Cherry Hill Projects... This song gives hope to someone from the bottom and features producers and artists from that neighborhood. Young H.I.D., the artist on the last verse, was shot and killed. R.I.P. Young H.I.D.

7. Kendrick Lamar | Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Will you remember me when I'm gone? That's my main concern. Will you sing about Mighty Mark when he leaves?

8. Ludacris | Southern Hospitality (with Pharrell)
Hardest beat ever when I heard it. Still one of the hardest beats today. Not to mention how Luda flow was crazy. Every time I hear it I get goosebumps and want to start freestyling.

9. Blaqstarr | Sets High
Classic, raw, unfiltered Baltimore Club tune. Blaqstarr... And when this joint came on it was crazy in the club.

10. Kanye West | Never Let Me Down (feat. Jay-Z & J. Ivy)
One of the first times I heard Jay and Ye on a track. The track was motivational especially with the spoken word artist on the track as well. Listen to this song on my way to School during my High School years. Those were hard times when my grandfather passed. This was one of the songs that helped me get thru the days.