WARMER MIXTAPES #1320 | by Simen Schikulski (Aristillus) and Uno Møller (Twin Pines Mall) of Team Me

SIDE A | by Simen Schikulski

1. Joyce Manor | Christmas Card
Arrived at work after a long weekend of drinking, visited Pitchfork’s website for some New Music and found this album cover saying Never Hungover Again. Pushed play and heard this awesome Monday morning tune.

2. Otis Redding | (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
We played in Switzerland this summer and ended up pretty drunk, skinny dipping at a nudist beach. Some Swiss girl gave us a bottle of wine at the middle of the night, and on her Facebook she had this song. Now my soundtrack of that day. Fun fact: Otis Redding wrote this song days before his own death (plane crash).

3. Cymbals Eat Guitars | Chambers
The lead singer from the Norwegian band Ludvig Moon told me I sounded like the vocalist from Cymbals Eat Guitars. I hadn't heard about them, so I checked them out, and this song is fantastic. Thanks, Anders!

4. Braid | Many Enemies
Started listening to Braid a few years ago, and they haven’t released anything in 16 years. Then suddenly the album No Coast was released, featuring this song. What a comeback!

5. Erik Enocksson | The Joy Of D.H. Lawrence (Farväl Falkenberg Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This guy made the soundtrack for the Swedish movie Farväl Falkenberg, and the entire soundtrack is just perfect with the small town melancholy feeling.

6. American Football | Never Meant
American Football released only one album, back in 1999. And this year they released a Deluxe Edition of the album. This song is probably one of my favorite 90s American Emo songs from that period. Perfect guitar arrangements!

7. Future Islands | Seasons (Waiting On You) (Live At Late Show With David Letterman)
It doesn’t matter if you like this song or not, his moves makes up for it anyway.

8. Kråkesølv | Husk At Livet Går Fort
Norwegian Indie/Emo band. Totally awesome.

9. Hurula | Stockholm Brinner
Swedish Punk. Stockholm Brinner means Stockholm Is Burning. So now you know that! Members from Masshysteri!

10. The Hotelier | An Introduction To The Album
Song title says it all, an amazing introduction to an album.

SIDE B | by Uno Møller

1. The Smashing Pumpkins | Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
It’s almost impossible to pick ONE song as my favorite song ever. It’s almost equally imposible for me to pick my favorite Pumpkins song. That said, I think I’ll always give the same answer to that question. Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and the song Porcelina... changed my life back in 1995/96. It opened the World of Music for me. Not just Music, but the Magic in Music and how you can create your own world within the concept of Music and Sounds. I love that record so much that I even wrote a story for a School test when I was 16 or something, based on the cover art and the names of the songs. I also remember writing a song for my first band, that was a complete rip-off of Porcelina. I just wanted to do that kind of Music. I was completely lost in that album. I don’t listen to the album as much now as I did then, but when I do, I don’t listen to anything else for a week or two. It’s my favorite album ever.

2. Beck | Debra
This song is from Beck’s Midnite Vultures album. I remember the day I really really found my love for Beck. I liked Beck before that day, but that’s when he became one of my favorites. We were drinking the night before and I woke up around 5 or 6 in the morning, still drunk. A friend of mine, Vegard, and I planned to walk down to the town centre and get some food. Although nothing had opened yet, we still thought it was a great idea. Then we put Midnite Vultures on and fell asleep again. I woke up again to the last song Debra, and thought it was the greatest song I’d ever heard. And from then on I was one of the World's biggest Beck fans. Still am.

3. Failure | Another Space Song 
I discovered Failure, as many others I suppose, through a Depeche Mode tribute album. They did a great version of Enjoy The Silence. I started looking for Failure records and found their second album Magnified and listened to it at the store. I liked a couple of songs and the bass-sound on the last song was awesome. So, I bought it, I don’t think I listened to it very much before about a year after that. Then I really got into it, and wanted to get all their records. When I got their last album Fantastic Planet (my other favorite album ever), I knew I had found my new favorite band. I talked to people about Failure, but NO ONE had ever heard of them. But I loved the band! Then I found out, of course, that they had broken up the band about one year before I got into it. Failure has been one of my absolute favorite bands since then, and I’ve loved every band/project the three members have done after. And then, as of 2014, Failure are back together, and better than ever!! In the same way as Mellon Collie, I can’t really pick one song, because it’s the whole album that is important. But Another Space Song kind of sums up the feeling of the album and the band.

4. Year Of The Rabbit | Strange Eyes 
Year Of The Rabbit is the next band Ken Andrews of Failure did, apart from his solo project ON. I remember falling in Love with the album right away. It’s simply an awesome record! It has such a massive sound, and big guitars and big drums and big bass-sound. And it has the great Ken Andrews melodies and chord progressions, which are always a bit outside the box. The song Strange Eyes in particular has a great unexpected turn in the melody in the chorus. It’s amazing! The band only lasted that one record, 'cause their label just suddenly didn’t exist anymore.

5. ’68 | Track 1 R
’68 is Josh Scogin of The Chariot’s new band. They started in November 2013 or something. The ’68 record is a bit different from The Chariot, but still got Josh’s fantastic voice and the same energy. It’s a quite experimental record, in terms of production and arrangements. There’s a lot of great tracks on there! This first one is simply quite awesome, and is one of my favorite songs right now! Just check out the record!

6. Silverchair | If You Keep Losing Sleep 
A great, weird track off Silverchair’s last album, Young Modern. It was written and already played as a bit different live version in Daniel Johns and Paul Mac’s one off band The Dissociatives. Silverchair has always been one of my favorite bands, and Daniel Johns - one of my favorite songwriters. This track and this album has amazing vocal harmonies and is mix between Old School simple songwriting and more Experimental arrangements here and there. One of my favorite Silverchair songs!

7. Green Day | Basket Case
This is the song and record (Dookie) that made me wanna play Music, and guitar in my own band. I remember a friend of mine and I pretending to play guitar to the song, jumping up and down and be complete idiots. This was when I started listening to Music in a different way than before. So, in a way, if I hadn’t heard Basket Case at that exact time and place, I would probably have been an unsuccessful football player instead.

8. Ryan Adams | Political Scientist 
Ryan Adams is one of my absolute favorites. I remember working my way into his Music through the Demolition album that we had in the combined junk food place/CD store I worked in at the time. Then I forced myself to like whiskey while listening to his Gold album in the dark one Christmas. Then the first Love Is Hell EP came, and that’s when I really got into the guy. I can’t really tell you which album I like the most, 'cause there’s one for every occasion really. Cold Roses for those Spring/Summer Jack ’n’ Cokes, Jacksonville City Nights for the early Autumn, Gold for the city streets, and so on... But Political Scientist is the first song of Love Is Hell, and that’s where something started for me. I absolutely love the Love Is Hell album/EP’s.

9. Coldplay | Oceans
Yes, I like Coldplay! They have SO many great songs! People might say this and that about Coldplay, but there’s a reason why they are the World's biggest band. This song is from their latest album Ghost Stories, and it is absolutely beautiful.

10. Blinker The Star | The Doctor
I remember I listened to this song for weeks without end when I found it on Jordon Zadorozny’s MySpace in 2005 or 2006 or something. I had forgotten about it after MySpace went out of fashion. But I found it again this year with the help of Jordon. And I just love it!