WARMER MIXTAPES #1322 | by Benjamin Etchells (Karaoke For Beginners, White Russians, The Lancaster Bombers, The Candys) of The Vultures

1. Serge Gainsbourg | Cannabis (Cannabis Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This guy is mint, I named my cat after him. The song was written for a film released in 1970. The film was awful.

2. The Irish Rovers | Drunken Sailor (Sea Shanty from the 19th Century Cover)
This was the 1st song I ever learned to play when I was 7 years old. The version on Spotify is by The Irish Rovers and the lyrics are wrong. Not sure if anyone really knows what the lyrics are. The sailors made them up on the spot based mainly on stupid ways of waking up drunken comrades.

3. Leonard Cohen | The Partisan (Emmanuel D'Astier De La Vigerie and Anna Marly's 'La Complainte Du Partisan' Cover)
This is a song about the French Resistance in World War II. Cohen didn't write it, it was written in London in 1942 by two French girls who escaped the Nazis.

4. David Croft And Roy Moore | London Calling ('Allo 'Allo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
British Sitcom Theme Song from the early 80's. This used to be my favourite TV show when I was a kid an I still find the early shows funny (only when I'm drunk though).

5. Scott Walker | On Your Own Again 
From Scott 4, my favourite Scott Walker album. I would suggest avoiding his later stuff because it's unlistenable. But Scott 2 and Scott 4 are classics.

6. Jacques Brel | Jacky
I used to think Scott Walker wrote this track. What a plum. Brel is God!

7. The Fall | Blindness
This track is on the album Fall Heads Roll, featuring the Musical rantings of Mark E. Smith.

8. The Daniel Caine Orchestra | Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Theme)
Star Wars on crack.

9. Sonic Youth | Superstar (Delaney & Bonnie & Friends' 'Groupie (Superstar)' ‎ Cover)
Cover of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends classic, which reminds me of being a teenager. There are some dark lyrics going on in this.

10. Joy Division | Dead Souls
My favourite Joy Division song. The first time I heard it I played it on repeat for five hours.