WARMER MIXTAPES #1321 | by James Brown of Pulled Apart By Horses

1. Radiohead | Paranoid Android
First track I heard from OK Computer when it was getting played on BBC Radio 1 before the record was released. This kind of changed everything about Music for me as a young child.

2. Jeff Buckley | Grace
I saw a video for this on MTV at my Grandma's house when I was super young and she was baby sitting me. I fell in love with the song. I grew up slowly and I could never remember the name of the artist or the title of the track. Then at 18 years of age I moved to Leeds to study at University and a friend played the track at a house party and I had a moment which I will never ever forget.

3. The Jesus Lizard | Then Comes Dudley
My friend I used to get super stoned with at College used to play me this in his bedroom a lot and this track was my key into the world of Underground Punk and Rock.

4. The Blood Brothers | Set Fire To The Face On Fire
Tom, our singer, played this to me before we started PABH and I fell in love with them instantly. Thanks, Tom! It's a massive influence on our early work.

5. Ben Folds | Effington
Crazy song with crazy lyrics. I don't remember when or how I first heard it, but this song makes me smile.

6. Black Sabbath | Paranoid
First heard this on a Kerrang! Magazine compilation when I was about 11 years old. Me and my School friend listened to it 24/7 and even covered the song with our own lyrics in a School Music project.

7. Scott Walker | On Your Own Again
Very moving song which I listen to on tour quite a bit when it's getting long and hard. Discovered this from the Radiohead documentary Meeting People Is Easy.

8. Biffy Clyro | Glitter And Trauma
First Biffy song I ever heard and I literally have no idea how I came across it. This song gave me faith in Guitar Music when things weren't looking great for it in the UK.

9. AC/DC | Back In Black
First AC/DC song I ever heard and still my favourite by far. It's just as thrilling for me as it was the first time I heard it when my cool as fuck Uncle played me it from his massive Rock vinyl collection.

10. Marilyn Manson | Cake And Sodomy
Again, this is the first track I ever heard by MM and, again, it was my wonderful Uncle that played me it. It's fucking incredible what Marilyn Manson got away with at the time and this song title kind of says it all. I love this song so much.