WARMER MIXTAPES #1339 | by Adam Marshall [Mood Edit] of N/A and Graze

1. Talk Talk | I Believe In You
A very elegant and haunting song from Talk Talk's frontman Mark Hollis. The video compliments the track so well...

2. Derrick Carter's Sound Patrol Orchestra | Tripping Among The Stars (Still Trippin')
A lowriding groove with a haunting Acid-line and a Sunday afternoon bass-line, this one hits all the right notes. Funky Acid for the funeral pyre.

3. Round Two | New Day (Club Vocal Mix)
Basically the best of both worlds, creating the best track ever. That about sums it up.

4. Primal Scream | Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)
I grew up listening to the whole Screamadelica album, but this track was my clear favorite… Liquid ambience with hints of Dubbed-out percussion. Weatherall taking hold of the controls.

5. Erik & Fiedel | Donna
Massive, mind-bending Acid Freestyle over some of the tightest Drum Freestyling. Really opened me up to the power of Digital Sounds, and heavily edited Freestyle vibes… Absolutely mechanical in precision, but also very loose and organic. Odd and inspiring combination of influences on this one - ultra classic.

6. Rick Poppa Howard | About Fourteen (Remix)
Chillingly perfect slice of House Music. Best appreciated in the late morning. Deep, bittersweet classic.

7. Pavement | Here
Loved the early Pavement stuff, but this track really represents the underlying casual, distant - but warm - vibe, a lot of their stuff exudes. Loose, lethargic and humid Rock Music.

8. Womack & Womack | Teardrops
What else can be said about this? It's the one.

9. Maaskant | Eyo Olokun
Amazing organic House-ish track from Toronto's Maaskant. Sparse and delicate, with a vocal line that just hangs in the air.

10. Greyboy | Lite Bake (with Harold Todd & Marc Antoine)
I used to go to a club in Toronto each Wednesday back in the Acid Jazz/Giant Steps days, and this song will always stay in my head as a perfect definition of those nights, and that time. Perfect loose groove, great cover design, and makes me want to cruise down a sunny SF highway, decked out in Fresh Jive and on the way to Tweekin Records... Classic West-Coast Jazz grooves.