WARMER MIXTAPES #1340 | by Nicholas Acquroff of Sons et al. and Chiefs & Nick Acquroff

1. The Beatles | I'm Only Sleeping
I spent a week alone in London in 2007 after having my stuff stolen in South America. I had no phone or computer or iPod, so I went to stay with a friend in England on the way home. I bought a Discman and listened to The Beatles all week while my friend was at work. I love the switch in the chorus of this song. It’s dark and then so sweet and melodic.

2. Crowded House | Italian Plastic
I’ve been obsessed with Crowded House for many years. This song was written by Paul Hester, the band’s late drummer, and it reminds me of dinner time at home as a kid.

3. Nick Drake | Man In A Shed
It’s an autobiography, written by Nick Drake. He was agoraphobic and spent much of his time in the back shed. It’s about Fear and Love and it’s so sad and rich and musical.

4. Massive Attack | Teardrop (with Elizabeth Fraser)

5. The Strokes | Razorblade
I bet you’d pick it up and mess around with it if I put it down.

6. Van Morrison | Madame George
The entire Astral Weeks album, really, because it meanders and wanders and doesn’t really have a centre or a purpose. He just finds a feel and sticks with it. Madame George embodies the feel of Astral Weeks. There’s no real chorus or verse, just an endless progression and a riffy vocal.

7. The Beatles | I Will
I love The White Album because it’s full of old-fashioned gems like this. It’s so classically Pop this song, but such interesting and beautiful song writing.

8. Radiohead | Nude
I love the melody and the way they’ve produced it, to suck in during the verses and then expand in other sections. Unbelievable bass sound.

9. LCD Soundsystem | All My Friends
I love the imperfect nature of the loop, and how it works without completely working.

10. Crowded House | Not The Girl You Think You Are 
A massive Beatles tribute from Neil Finn, and one of the most perfect and melancholic grooves I’ve ever heard. Lyrically brilliant too.

+11. The Streets | Empty Cans
Possibly the best lyrical piece I’ve ever heard.

+12. Eels | Fresh Feeling
Love the Eels production. It’s simple and High Fi and beautiful.

+13. Sigur Rós | Mílanó
If you listen to it in your headphones, it sounds like it’s playing in a big wide room.