WARMER MIXTAPES #1347 | by Dylan Iuliano [The Delay In The Universal Loop] of VerdeIride and Lumina Solis

1. Aphex Twin | Polynomial-C
This tune from his Xylem Tube EP is my fave Aphex Twin track ever. Those beautifully sequenced modular melodies and polysynths sound like pure Mysticism. Whenever I listen to this track I am transported into surreal landscapes, radiated by a weird bluish daylight. I can relive every single minute of my existence through this. (Actually no, but it feels like that.)

2. Boards Of Canada | In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
I used to listen to this awesome piece from BOC a lot when I realized Life wasn't as I expected and things around me were falling apart. It has a strong reference to Esoterism and the religious groups of the United States in the 50's and 60's I guess. This track's feeling is what I like to call Nostalgia Universale, which is the kind of nostalgia you won't be able to express in human words or through human experiences. Every time I want to meditate whatever-the-hell-this-thing we-call-Existence is, I play this EP on my turntable and picture the Spirit of Life softly whispering Come out, and live with a religious community in a beautiful place out in the country!... Goosebumps.

3. William Basinski | d|p 6 
The whole idea behind Basinski's Disintegration Loops is just brilliant. The tapes were physically, literally disintegrating in his recorder while each one of these epic masterpieces was captured. I spend hours just lying in bed, lights off, enjoying the mind-blowing trips across the Cosmos this record can offer. It probably brings up some of the Ancestral shit buried deep underneath all this Post-Humanism. Makes me cry.

4. Black Moth Super Rainbow | Untitled Roadside Demo
At age 14 (back in the Winter of 2009), I went through one of the most emotionally and physically painful flares of my genetical disease, it kept me stuck in my house and in a huge pain for months. It got a little better in the summer, so I started hanging out again and everything would feel so new, so ravishing, so magic. Nothing was given for granted. Me and my good friend Orlando would go to this abandoned and said-to-be-haunted house in the countryside of my small hometown San Nazzaro, the house is commonly known as the Witches House and we would really go there on a daily-basis. We were always playing Black Moth Super Rainbow, their album Eating Us was barely coming out and we got it imported from the US to a local record store. From there on, Black Moth Super Rainbow and Tobaxxo held a special place in my heart. I've never seen that daylight ever again.

5. SONOIO | Scientist
Just one of the many wonderful things the Italian, LA based mastermind Alessandro Cortini came up with. I've been playing this track through some of the toughest times of my life and it describes that feeling of Powerlessness towards the Universe and the events. Another goddamn cigarette. Maybe everything will end, another random universe. Many know Alessandro for being a part of Nine Inch Nails, but there's so much more about Cortini. He has an unique approach to Composition, expecially on modular synthesizers (totally in love with his patches). I'd recommend everyone to go dig his past SONOIO albums Red & Blue, and the recent modular ones on Important Records, as well as the Modwheelmood and Blindoldfreak ones. Love everything this dude has put out so far, his Music really means a lot.

6. Marilyn Manson | The Last Day On Earth
It sounds weird to a lot of people, but I love Mechanical Animals. It is the first album I ever bought in my life, when I was 7. Many years passed, but I still consider these alien, nostalgic synthetic atmospheres one of my main inspirations in Music... Yesterday was a million years ago.

7. Andy Stott | Violence
A recent one, Andy Stott's Violence from his brand new Faith In Strangers LP. I relate this to Solitude, it's an almost Post-Apocalyptic anthem. Hits the deepest darkest spots of my soul, but in such a soft way that it cannot hurt. Sublime.

8. Nirvana | Verse Chorus Verse (Outtake, 1991)
+ Old Age... Listing 2 tracks (sorry! they complete each other), both are just rough demos, but they always meant way more than Nirvana's entire official discography to me. You can feel Cobain's exasperated sensitivity dripping through the vocals of these 2 pieces, beautiful chord progressions and a very nostalgic feeling. I was into Nirvana a lot at age 12 and 13. You know, that time of your life in Middle School where you're all pumped against Society and the World and you believe nobody around can understand you (LOL)... I still love the memories these tracks bring back anyways, and, although many years passed, I still recognize their beauty.

The grass is greener over here
you're the fog that keeps it clear
re-inventing what we knew
taken time is weird but true
You're the reason I feel pain
feels so good to feel again

9. Nine Inch Nails | The Fragile
Classic. There are many NIN albums/tracks I feel close to me, I picked this tune from the self-titled album The Fragile mainly 'cause it brings me back to my 2009 (again! ha). I was in love with this girl and when everything fell into pieces I would play this album and daydream of a better ending, or just a way to fix it. All that could have been. The Fragile is so melancholic. You can really tell Reznor was stuck in a circle that time of his life, since this album itself is a circle. He does not find a way out, he keeps entering the circle, again and again and again. I'm glad he was strong enough to dig into the Dark and express those feelings in Music, that was an amazing way to use his depression.

10. Air | Universal Traveler
Talkie Walkie is the best album the French duo Air has put out so far in my opinion, or at least the one I enjoy the most. There's no self-satisfaction, there's no unnecessary Experimentalism, the songs are so beautifully written that Minimalism was the only way to give them justice. Air's elegance reached its fullest peak in Universal Traveler, the cosmic lyrics and vocals, along with the beauty of those Analog synth sounds, takes your mind to somewhere unidentifiable. Air's Music is totally immune to the ugliness of this World.