WARMER MIXTAPES #1348 | by Marco Calanca [Becko] of Hopes Die Last

I don’t think there’s an order or something to properly name the best songs, 'cause Music is on emotions during the time, and it goes and goes every second. We are certainly lunatic, we still evolve, we still grow up, we still change. But in that changing I create columns and persons that no one can erase in my mind, in my heart.

1. Yellowcard | Believe
First column is in my childhood. I want to dedicate it to my family and my cousin. They believed in my passion and they gave me strength to start doing Music as an artist. The first song is Believe by Yellowcard. I’ve listened to that song a lot of times with Ale and I want to remember these times as a fire in my heart, as a hope that still burns in me. He gave me the passion, he believed in me.

2. Thrice | For Miles
The second column is my friend and business partner Daniele Ingrati. With him I shared everything. Music, works, experiences. The band that represent us is certainly Thrice. They are a great band, I got also a tattoo on my left arm, representing their album The Alchemy Index. I think that they don't have a number one song, but For Miles is what I prefer the most, also because of the deep lyric. So the second column is for Friendship.

3. Sense Field | Save Yourself
The third one is Save Yourself from Sense Field. Same times. Good times. Happiness everywhere, strength of a twenty-year-old who wants to split the World in two. Nothing much better than a lot of goals and time to do it all.

4. Enter Shikari | Quelle Surprise 
4th column is Quelle Surprise from Enter Shikari. They are a huge band now. I saw them when they were so small and I liked to see them growing month after month, year after year. I've dedicated to them an arm tattoo slave. They are: Attitude, Passion, Sickness, PUNK and Originality. So the 4th column is for the word Attitude.

5. Ellie Goulding | Your Song (Elton John Cover)
5th column is for Love. You know, we love a lot of things, we love girls, we love works, cars, emotions, but I love Music the most. 'Cause it's me, 'cause it's my way, my heart. If you can accept and love yourself, of course you will love everyone that's close to you now and always. For the 5th song I choose Ellie Goulding - Your Song (Elton John Cover).

6. Pendulum | Witchcraft
6th song is the one that approach me to the EDM world some years ago. Witchcraft from Pendulum. They are a great band, as a producer I love the way Rob Swire (singer and producer) sound designs every track he made, especially in Knife Party stuff. So the 6th song is dedicated to the Sound Design and the Endless Evolution of the Music Production.

7. God Is An Astronaut | All Is Violent, All Is Bright
7th column is dedicated to God. I don't like the World's vision of God. I got mine, in my mind, in my heart. I believe in Destiny, I believe in a kind of myself that goes through a way of Happiness and Positivism. If you follow signs of Positivism that the Universe gives you everyday, you will see exactly your Future

8. Hopes Die Last | Call Me Sick Boy
8th column of my life is Hopes Die Last. My long time band and brothers in Life. We have shared the staged one million times, we shared fevers, McDonald's cheeseburgers on the road, we shared Pain, Love, works, everything the people doesn't try to share just because of the fear of living for something they could love. We are brothers in blood, we are a family. We are one thing. So the song in question is Call Me Sick Boy, our most known song. We played it in every show as the end, and, just like in the first day, I still feel energy and emotion playing it. It's amazing. It's Magic. If you didn't play in a band as mine, you never know.

9. Luciano Pavarotti | 'O Sole Mio (Giovanni Capurro and Eduardo Di Capua Cover)
9th column is my country: Italy. I love my country, I love our sun, our sea, our maccheroni and everything the other country made fun of us. I know we are foolish, loafer, and stupid people, but we have big feelings, deep hearts and PASTA! So the 9th song is dedicated to my country!

10. Becko | Blue Light In Slowmotion
10th song is my song: Blue Light In Slowmotion. In the last year I've made 4 albums and I'm very satisfied. Every album is in a different genre and key of Music, I like to find my way knowin' nothing about the Music I do. Ahahah...