WARMER MIXTAPES #1349 | by Rich Machin of Soulsavers and Dave Gahan & Soulsavers

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
I could fill this list with just Hendrix songs all day, every day. But this is one of the first songs of his that I ever heard & thought what the fuck was that?... I was pretty young & he blew my mind in a way that's never really happened again.

2. Josh T. Pearson | Country Dumb (Piano Version) (with Dustin O'Halloran)
This version was on a 12" for Record Store Day, JTP's album Last Of The Country Gentlemen is one of the best things I've heard over the last few years. But I still can't believe he didn't use this version of the track on the album. Killer.

3. Tim Buckley | Buzzin' Fly
I had a random playlist on around the house this morning & this came up & I stopped what I was doing just to take it in.

4. Mark Lanegan | One Hundred Days
There are a number of Mark's tunes that could have easily made this list, but this one is in my head a lot at the moment.

5. John Coltrane | Part IV: Psalm (from A Love Supreme)
Over the holidays this year I ended up pulling out Crescent/Coltrane/A Love Supreme & listening to them almost constantly, similar to how I did when I first bought A Love Supreme back in my early 20s. It's my favourite period for Coltrane, and this track really captures both the wild side and the melody perfectly. This track also has one of the best drum sounds ever recorded.

6. Nina Simone | Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 
Really obvious, but just flawless.

7. Sandwell District | Readymade 1
Last year I was listening to a lot of Electronic Music again, I also ended up going back and picking up a couple of records from the couple of years previously when I'd completely lost interest in Electronic stuff. The Sandwell District record falls into that group. The whole album is great, but this track was on a bonus 7" that came with the vinyl & it's probably my favourite one of them all.

8. Art Ensemble Of Chicago | Thème De Yoyo
I was looking for another record the other day & spotted this at the same time. I'd probably not played it in 10 years, forgotten how amazing it sounded. I ended up pulling out a few more of their LPs to put in the pile by my turntable of stuff to play again soon.

9. Cat Power | Metal Heart (Jukebox Version)
She revisited one of her old tracks here, tweaked it and made a great track even better.

10. John Lee Hooker | It Serve You Right To Suffer
This encapsulates everything I hear when I think of JLH. The whole album of the same name is great, but this track is really special.