WARMER MIXTAPES #1362 | by Pepijn Oliemuller [Eigenheimer]

1. Massive Attack | Unfinished Sympathy
Perfect track, in my honest opinion the best song ever made. The video even makes the track better, beautiful. When I'm dead i have no wishes, they can bury me, cremate me, donate my body to Science, sell my body to a necrofile. I don't give a fuck as long as they play Unfinished Sympathy on the happening, that's my only wish.

2. Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno | An Ending (Ascent)
Beautiful Music by one of the most influental artists for me. Got to know this Music when I was a really young boy, my father had Eno's Apollo album on cassette. Already favorite Music of me as a 6 year old boy.

3. Stevie Wonder | Creepin' (with Minnie Riperton)
It's one of the facts on this planet that Stevie Wonder is a genius. This song is so subtle and has one of the best arrangements ever. The drums, the synth variations in the end, superb! But when you think it couldnt get better Minnie Riperton starts to sing along on this song, oh my!

4. Tim Dog | I Get Wrecked (feat. KRS-1)
80's and 90's Hip Hop is my big love, so it was hard to pick one of the 100s of inspiring jams made in those eras, but this track came to mind right away. Amazing energy and aggression in this one. Such a banger. Also Tim Dog's voice is so raw, always been a fan of this underestimated rapper and, of course, Krs One needs no explanation.

5. Billy Cobham | Heather (with George Duke and Michael Brecker)
I got to know this piece of Music when the Souls Of Mischief sampled it in their classic track 93 'Til Infinity. This amazing piece makes me feel I' m travelling trough prairies or tundras I've never been in a bath-tub on wheels.

6. Freur | Doot-Doot
Another gem I discovered as a 6 year old boy from my father's Music collection. This first project by Karl Hyde and Rick Smith (who later formed Underworld) is one of the best Synthpop bands in my opinion. Doot-Doot is such a beautiful atmospheric song which gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

7. Ennio Morricone | Deborah's Theme (Once Upon A Time In America Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From the film Once Upon A Time In America, which is one of my favorite movies ever. The entire soundtrack is ridiculously beautiful, but this theme makes me cry every damn time, like really cry with tears and stuff

8. Shut Up And Dance | Derek Went Mad
There was a show on MTV Europe in the 90's called Party Zone, loved that. A lot of UK Rave and Breakbeat videos were played on that show. When the video for Derek Went Mad from these Londoners came up I was immediately fascinated by it. Proof videos don't have to be expensive to be awesome. The Terence Trent D'Arby vocal sample is so haunting in this track.

9. Björk | Náttúra
Genius track. As a drummer I was especially caught by the amazing drumwork in this track, drummed by Brian Chippendale from the band Lightning Bolt. I think that this track influenced me a lot subconsciousnessly.

10. Arvo Pärt | Te Deum (Performed by Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir & Tallinn Chamber Orchestra; Conductor: Tõnu Kaljuste)
+ Berliner Messe... I end with this one because this piece of Music embodies Ending for me, end of a life... End of the World in its total, nothing makes sense anymore. After this song it's all over... I love that. So intense, so deep, so everything and then BOOM!... Nothing!