WARMER MIXTAPES #1363 | by Valentin Dragomir [Village]

1. Telefon Tel Aviv | The Birds
Was listening to a bit of Trance in 2009. Especially those weekly Trance Around The World shows by Above & Beyond. But at some point I heard The Birds and it was love at first sight so to speak. Major turning point that one. Kinda left the Trance thing behind and went digging for other stuff.

2. Nosaj Thing | Fog
I remember his gig in Bucharest. Overwhelming in both audio and visual terms. The club was so packed. Red and White were the predominant colors on the screen behind him.

3. Apparat | Fractales Pt. I
+ Fractales Pt. II... Hard to pick a favorite Apparat tune 'cause I'm in love with every single thing he's put out. Gonna stick with Fractales 'cause it's the first track I stumbled upon when I found out about him. After that I obviously began digging for more of his stuff 'cause it was so good and ended up collecting his whole discography.

4. Bonobo | 1009
This never gets old. Actually this applies to every Bonobo track. I attended a Bonobo gig recently and it was just awesome!

5. Kettel | Kroost Kids
Would listen to this a lot when walking home from High School.

6. Gui Boratto | Azzurra (It's Not The Same Version)
From the Azzurra EP out on Kompakt. If you don't know his stuff you can get an idea about what he's all about just by listening to this one.

7. Kollektiv Turmstrasse | First Day 
Jazzy vibe goin' on. The progression on this is so nice. Climax at about 3/4, just wait for it 'cause it's more rewarding when listening from the begining. Lots of love for KT.

8. Massive Attack | Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)
He somehow managed to keep the essence of Paradise Circus and still get that Gui Boratto flavour in this track. Great remix!

9. Tomáš Dvořák | By The Wall (Machinarium Soundtrack)
Could easily listen to this on loop the entire day without even feeling it's there. It's part of the soundtrack for an awesome game called Machinarium. Every single song on that soundtrack is incredible. I would just put on the game and leave the Music playing for hours and hours.

10. Kanye West | Addiction
Man, I tried to stop, man, I tried the best I could, but... Gotta have Kanye up in this...