WARMER MIXTAPES #1364 | by Thodoris Triantafillou

All tracks I selected here are the tracks that inspired me to create the first part of my album TRILOGY (Chapter I). Some of them I founded after I finished my album though, but still, the inspiration exists... For the next album.

1. Brian Eno & John Cale | Spinning Away 
I was really young when that track was playing on the radio in early 90's, but I didn't give so much attention. I was really into Breakbeat and into Rave culture in general... This summer it just hit me one morning. I was suddenly singing that song, I haven't heard the song since the day of the release... I think I never played it in my home, car or wherever... But I was singing the lyrics. Now I play that song with my wife and daughter almost every morning...

2. Godley & Creme | Cry 
Released somewhere around 1985 I think. Absolutely related with Miami Vice, and a massive inspiration for my album (both Miami Vice series and this track). You can feel the air of the 80's in my tracks in the First Chapter! This track is so cool and so airy!

3. Jamie xx | Girl 
The best example of how to use samples from different songs and create an original. Clever manipulation, great atmosphere, nice sounding. For me the best track by Jamie, it sounds like it was there, in my collection, since forever.

4. LCD Soundsystem | Great Release 
You know the moment when you are locked in a mood? It happens to me with this track. I remember listening to the simplicity of that song taking me over... In my mind was spinning moments and scenes of Trainspotting...

5. Chromatics | In The City (12" Version)
I was sitting in my couch, Nip/Tuck, yes, Nip/Tuck!, was playing on the TV... My girlfriend was watching it and was surfing the net... And that track was playing in a scene... That was it, I learned all about those guys under the name Chromatics. But was the only track I got really connected with.

6. N*E*R*D | Hypnotize U 
When you do something and doing it with style and attitude. A concept. That. He worth every bit of fame, he had the midas touch! An artist all-around in the Mainstream Music business...

7. Lana Del Rey | Blue Jeans 
Talking about artists and concepts? Another example. But the magic thing here is the vocal arrangement... Brilliant and clever work. Devastating. I was the last person on Earth to listen to that song... I learned about the existence of Lana last year... You know, I'm not a person who listens the Hyped/Mainstream stuff, I'm avoiding that, but sometimes you have to do it. There are great Music pieces out there. Lots of great minds working together to put some nice Music to the masses! Respect!

8. Speedy J | Symmetry 
Yes, Speedy J in Ambient Music at its best. I have listened the track really late after the official release on Warp Records, but for me it's timeless... It was somewhere around 2000. Since then I had all the Techno records Speedy J was recording. Rave culture was absolutely connected with the Chill Out moments after the big raves! Sometimes I miss those Chill Out moments after the party... These days doesn't exist anymore.

9. Naum Gabo | Dino
Magical moments of Musical Expressions... Touring the hot summer Greek roads with this track playing in the car Stereo crossing the seasides, the yellow fields... Huge soundtrack!! I would love to make a movie or the music video for this track! Too pity it's his only track like that... Hey, Naum Gabo, I would like to have some more... Your fans need your deeper you!

10. Vainqueur | Solanus (Extracted)
Music for Meditation. I was in Military for 20 months in 1996, listening on that track on repeat (among some others on the same sound field). Believe me, it was the most purifying moments in my Military days... And the days was gone and the months was disappearing and the end of my Military service has come to an end, and finally I was laying in my balcony under the Sun, reading the book Ocean Of Sounds. And I was free... Totally free. Nothing to worry about... And the air was warm but refreshing and alive!