WARMER MIXTAPES #1382 | by Vicente Milioto Da Palma [Vhyce]

1. Al Green | Simply Beautiful
I was listening to the radio while taking a bath and that song came in. Immediately fell in Love with it. Had a hard time finding what was the name of the track and who was singing it as I forgot the lyrics by the time I got out. But I finally did. Now I’ve got every Al Green records. Including his Christmas songs.

2. Young Marble Giant | Include Me Out
My father offered me the album when I was born. Still one of my favorites now. I like the way it sounds a bit naive. Hard to pick one track out of it as it works as a whole.

3. The Velvet Underground | Who Loves The Sun (Alternate Mix) 
Alternate Mix for me. Love the whole Loaded vibe. Make me think of a sunny after party. Everybody still dancing, but you know the closing is coming.

4. Marie LaforĂȘt | A Domani Amore (The Sha La La Song)
Italian version of A Demain My Darling. I have something for 60s Pop Music. I remember hearing Marie LaforĂȘt’s Ivan, Boris Et Moi as a child and thinking it was a happy song, but then a year ago as I was planting tomatoes I heard that song again on the radio and was surprised how wrong I was.

5. Elliott Smith | Everything Reminds Me Of Her
It kinda works as a duo with the next one on the album Everything Means Nothing To Me. The 25 Most Played playlist from my iPod features 16 Elliott Smith songs. So I guess some might say I kinda like his Music.

6. Stevie Wonder | I Was Made To Love Her
One of my favorite Stevie Wonder song. I’m really into Motown stuff and I guess you can hear it in the Music I make. There’s also a cover by The Beach Boys.

7. Jeanette | Porque Te Vas
Discovered this one in an Ivan Smagghe interview, even though I’m pretty sure having heard it before. I like the way you're somehow Time travelling when you hear something that you’ve been listening to at some point. French version is also cool.

8. John Frusciante | Running Away Into You
Sad, isn’t it? Never been a fan of his former band, but I’m really into Frusciante’s work. This one comes from his first solo album Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt. I think he wasn’t having the best time of his life while recording it. There’s an intriguing documentary called Stuff made by Johnny Depp which captures that period. I heard his next one would be Acid House.

9. Syd Barrett | Terrapin
I really love you... And I mean you. I highly rate everything by Syd Barrett. Again, can’t say the same about his former band. No disrespect.

10. Devendra Banhart | Legless Love...
I started recording stuff, arranging loops and making noises about the time I discovered the album. I think my love for background atmosphere and Lo-Fi stuff may lie here. I’m all about those claps.