WARMER MIXTAPES #1384 | by Jonathan Ducasse [John And The Volta]

1. Serge Gainsbourg | Ballade De Melody Nelson
The first time I heard this album, I fell in Love with the bass sound, the drum, Jane Birkin's voice. The strings arrangements on this record are gorgeous and all the instruments seem to be so alive. It changed the way I think and write bass lines. The French Sensuality.

2. Radiohead | Knives Out
This song haunted me for years and years. The melody still stabs my heart. Amnesiac is my bedtime album.

3. James Blake | Retrograde
New generation of composer/producer, I like the way he works, DIY. James Blake is a virtuoso. Like an architect, searching a deep construction for emotions. Here, a Minimal beat and an amazing overlaying of synthesizers alongside beautiful song writing.

4. Air | Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
French band, the soundtrack of The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola. Timeless song. My Sunday morning song.

5. Neil Young | Out On The Weekend
I discovered Neil Young pretty late. This song is the first that I heard and I think it'll stay the Neil Young that I love. Without electric distorted guitar, just acoustic guitar - piano – strings, and his amazing voice. In this song, the position of the drum in the Stereo mix is surreal.

6. Beck | Paper Tiger
Our sound engineer checks the sound system with this track. It's always a pleasure when the drum starts the song. We can clearly hear the reference to Histoire De Melody Nelson... Drum – Bass – Guitars – Strings.

7. Björk | Unravel
I'm a massive fan of Björk, hard for me to chose one track.

8. Portishead | The Rip
This classical guitar is so sick, seems to be recorded in the middle of the night, slumped on an old sofa.

9. Blonde Redhead | Elephant Woman
I discovered Blonde Redhead with a friend many years ago, but the emotional strength of this song is still the same. The voice of Kazu Makino is probably the sexiest voice I've ever heard.

10. Ultraísta | Gold Dayzz
I dream to work with Nigel Godrich. In Gold Dayzz the bass & drum lines are so elegant. Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker on drum. A dream team.