WARMER MIXTAPES #1387 | by Jos Houtzager of Sans Zucre

1. dEUS | Via
This song gives me a lot of energy. Loud guitars with feedback, I play it sometimes before I do a gig myself to get in the right state of mind.

2. The Cure | Lullaby
Great spooky ambiance, whispering vocals, great melody and hooks... Touching my dark side.

3. Spinvis | Ronnie Gaat Naar Huis
Beautiful song about a boy who has a handicap and how he sees the World, lovely.

4. Soft Cell | Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Touching my romantic side. Letting go of people who you love.

5. The Sound | Winning
Uplifting song which gives me positive energy to preserve in my live shows.

6. Gorki | We Zijn Zo Jong
Great shifting between dynamics. Very honest lyrics and Music, sometimes I felt on fire when I was young...

7. Pearl Jam | State Of Love And Trust (Singles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This is my favorite song from Pearl Jam. What a tight performance, what a tension…

8. Joy Division | Atmosphere
What a voice and what a lyric. Mysterious... And the synthesizers and bass gives me chills.

9. Faith No More | Crack Hitler
I played Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega and this Music is the perfect soundtrack to listen to when you’re playing. Funky!

10. Pixies | Monkey Gone To Heaven
Great shouting, great bass line from Kim Deal, great song.