WARMER MIXTAPES #1388 | by Bryan Black [Black Asteroid/haloblack] of hellbent, Xlover and Motor

Photo by Matthew Reeves

1. Prince And The Revolution | Darling Nikki (Purple Rain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The first song which really had an impact on who I am today. I was a little kid in Minneapolis when I saw Purple Rain, and then listened to the soundtrack for about 1 year non stop. Eventually I worked with Prince at Paisley Park Studios in the late 90’s as a sound engineer/designer.

2. Vangelis | Los Angeles, November 2019 (Blade Runner Bootleg Recording, 2003)
I play this song and the album whenever I’m traveling to the Far East. It takes the experience to new levels. I remember being in a hotel in Hong Kong playing this, high up in the clouds over looking mountains. Similar experiences in Singapore and I always play this the first night in Tokyo.

3. Franz Schubert | Ellens Gesang III (Hymn To The Virgin), D. 839, Op. 52, No. 6: Ave Maria! Jungfrau Mild!/Ave Maria! Maiden Mild! (a setting from Walter Scott's poem The Lady Of The Lake) (Performed by Barbara Bonney with Geoffrey Parsons & Sharon Kam)
I'm not sure the World will ever have such a talented song writer/composer such as Schubert, but there is so much in his catalog to appreciate. When I started playing the piano, I would only play Schubert.

4. Depeche Mode | Never Let Me Down Again
The first Depeche Mode album that really grabbed me was Music For The Masses as a youth— and this is still my favorite Depeche Mode song. I didn’t realize the song’s meaning until much later. In 2009 I was on tour with Depeche Mode and this song was always the most emotional song for everyone. I heard it every night and it was always special to hear.

5. Nine Inch Nails | Terrible Lie
The debut NIN album had such a big impact on me, that I decided to make Music myself after being so excited about this Industrial Rock movement. It was the first time I heard Electronic Music with so much passion, soul and energy.

6. Echo & The Bunnymen | Over The Wall
I first got into this band when I heard the hit Lips Like Sugar and then I worked my way back into their catalog and fell in love with the first few albums and in particular this song. The chorus is epic.

7. Meat Beat Manifesto | Helter Skelter
MBM was one of the most daring and original artists in the Industrial genre. One of the few to avoid the guitar Death trap. I still go back to their albums and get inspiration.

8. 808 State | Pacific State
Whenever I go back to Minneapolis to visit (my birthplace) I play this song, and instantly remember the Summer when I discovered this song. I later got into A Guy Called Gerald who was forced out of the band, and wrote the main parts of this song.

9. LFO | We Are Back 
From the debut LFO album, this is the most raw and original song from the album and something I listen to almost weekly. I'm still trying to capture this energy with my Music.

10. Pet Shop Boys | Being Boring
I bought this album on my first trip to Japan and I listen to it every Winter. It starts to make sense in the Autumn until early Spring. Probably the most accomplished PSB album.