WARMER MIXTAPES #1394 | by Sonia Güttler [Sonae]

1. Fläskkvartetten | Innocent
Fleshquartet... I first heard this track while watching the Grand Pas De Deux of Mats Ek's ballett Appartement danced by Sylvie Guillem and Nicolas Le Riche. It is such an intimate, focussed composition - it makes me stop breathing.

2. Philip Glass | Glassworks: I. Opening 
Sadness and Hope, repetitive and floating like a Musical Mantra. Played on a piano, the perfect instrument. Does it need more?

3. Maurice Ravel | Boléro (Tempo Di Boléro, Moderato Assai) (Played by Boston Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Seiji Ozawa)
One of the most exciting pieces of Music I've ever heard. It is powerful and thrilling from first to last moment. When I was young I played the Boléro up and down... A killer tune!

4. Max Richter | November
It is hard to name one favourite track when it comes to Max Richter. You'll love him or you'll hate him. He is a master of celebrating a melancholic, yearning, painful listening experience. He has a poetic understanding for the dramatic dialouge between Minor and Pause.

5. Apparat | Granular Bastard
It is not only about this one track when speaking about Apparat, but his understanding for the relation of Beauty and Roughness in Music, his atmospheric but fragmentary arrangements feel very familiar to my own Music aesthetical understanding. But well, you never know... Music offers too much space for interpretation.

6. Nils Frahm, Anne Müller | 7fingers
This album was written for me, I am sure. What else to think when you finally get on vinyl what you have been dreaming of for many many years? A perfect combination of my beloved frickelige and glitchy Electronics and Classic Music. Yay!

7. Jon Hopkins | Vessel
Another piece of that kind of Electronic Music you want to hear when you love Ballett.

8. Nathan Fake | Castle Rising
For me the most inspiring artist regarding track structure. He knows how to keep things flowing without getting boring. He also works with very rough sounds in dialouge/contrast to sweet, beautiful moments... It's about friction, about leaving the comfort zone behind. When Music starts questioning itself, it becomes Art. (This is why House is boring.)

9. James Holden | Lump 
+ The Inheritors. One of the most honest artists I've heard so far. The edgy, raw, beautiful track Lump already was one of my favourites and it somehow reffered to what would happen later in the album The Inheritors. An album that sounds like someone is getting completly mentally naked. It feels like a view into every hidden corner of the artist's soul. It's an amazing album. Consequent, radical and beautiful. I'd wish more protagonists of the Club Scene would speak out an artistic statement like James Holden did.

10. Moby | Go 
+ Age Of Love - The Age Of Love... + Underworld - Rez... + Metal Master - Spectrum... + UNKLE - Reign and many more... I do not want to hide the fact that I have an intense love for Hard Trance, Techno and Rave anthems. After spending childhood and teenage years listening mostly to Classical Music, wondering why common Pop and Rock does not touch me at all, the instrumental and epic sounds of 90's Club Culture meant a musical revelation to me. There is nearly no Music out there for me, I thought. And suddenly there was. I found out that I am not the only one being bored of Charts Music. It was a wonderful Welcome To The Club experience, opening an universe full of great Music beyond what common radio and television had to offer.