1. Whitman | So☆Cal 
Growing up in San Diego County I wanted nothing more than to go somewhere else. So much of my angst and disgust with my hometown can be felt in this song. When I found out that Abe from Treasure Mammal was making a compilation with my other homies like Space Alien Donald and Peter/Renata I got very excited. I discovered Whitman through this compilation and reflect on this song anytime I feel homesick. I am almost always instantly cured. I heard from my friend John that Whitman was a rad but unstable dude. Once, John told me that after a show Whitman tried to drown himself in a lake or something like that. I don't know if that’s true. Favorite lyric: Oh, Southern California... Where most of the trees are cell phone towers...

2. Gorillaz | The Swagga
Damon makes great Music. Blur and his side projects all are great too. There is this documentary called Bananaz that I saw when I was graduating High School. The first pre-theatrical release online for a feature and I think there are many other great firsts the Gorillaz represent. Their roster has had Del, MF, Kid Koala, and so many others... How can you not love this band. Favorite lyric:

But I go: Wooh!
I just go: Wooh!
We all go: Wooh!
We all go: Wooh!
All right!

3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Deep In The Devil's Eye & You (Unreleased Alternate Version)
Dig! BJM saved my life. XOXO. Have you ever felt like Anton in your life, someone that is rare breed too crazy to die, too rare to live? This is way more Shoegazey then their other stuff and that might be why it is one of my favorites. P.S.: LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN FIND LYRICS TO THIS SONG!

4. LAKE R∆DIO | Always
Such a devotional and pastel song. Get caught at airports listing to this as a goodbye song... Favorite lyric : I will always think of you, and only you...

5. Elliott Smith | Condor Ave.
I drove across a fair portion of California one night to this song with all my stuff. Sad stuff. Favorite lyric: A sick shouting like you hear at the fairground...

6. aNTOJE | LVL_WEST [ode to JudgeJudy]
Snap my neck to my favorite ‘younger-than-me’ producer from Canada. So Lo-Fi crunchy, Breakbeat down, mothafuckin' blow my speakers out, bleeding lean and dro from Space shiz. Great tape from France last year, stop sleeping on this, bruh, bruh!

7. Aesop Rock | Drawbridge (feat. Doseone)
Hypnotic. Last time I saw Aesop perform it was with Kimya at the Timberland Regional Library in my town last Spring. One of the few events I have seen in a library. One time I saw Tommy Chong promoting his book The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint, but that's pretty much it for library shows. Favorite lyric: I've got charcoals in my heart, but I've got charcoals in my heart... I've got charcoals by the armfuls that burn my armor apart...

8. The Mothers Of Invention | What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
Mother never lets me down. I met some guy named Dweezil in the proverbial waiting room when I used to go to Humboldt State University. Who isn’t in it for the money?

9. Godspeed You! Black Emperor | Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls.
One of the first vinyls ever given to me. Such a powerful and cinematic album. The way the Music guides and builds has left me feeling more relaxed and entranced than any Classical composition. The back of this album and the story about how Godspeed! owned up to not doing their’ homework always makes me smile too.

10. Wanda Jackson | Whirlpool (Played at 33RPM *popcorn* YouTube Version)
Only Lovers Left Alive is based on my lifestyle.