WARMER MIXTAPES #1447 | by Roman Litvinov [Mujuice]

1. Gloria Jones | Tainted Love
It’s crazy to hear the original version for the first time, after a decade of listening to covers and mixes, without any idea that this song is from 1965. So much love, still it’s tainted.

2. Public Image Limited | This Is Not A Love Song 
It feels like I like 80's rotten even more than 70's.

3. Daniel Avery | Naive Response 
Psychedelic and mellow, sexy, firm and crazy at the same time, especially the drop, this is execution in a good meaning.

4. David Lynch | Good Day To Day 
Even if this sound's a bit sad and disoriented, instead of all gunshots, it still feels like a really good day. Vocoded and auto-tuned, Lynch sounds pretty much like a regular one.

5. Luke Slater | Love
Like this song so much, especially if you slow it down a bit in the DJ set. It works even slower too.

6. Dan Deacon | The Crystal Cat 
There’s something very special about this one, it’s infantile and psychedelically deep at the same time, I do like these proportions, like song for kids feeding their heads.

7. Наталья Ветлицкая | Я Останусь С Тобой 
Weird, naive and very touchy Russian Pop from the 90’s. To be honest, I have no idea how would it sound for a foreigner.

8. Sparks | Tryouts For The Human Race
One of my favorite Sparks songs. I'm not really into pink jackets, but these snares and synths makes me dance.

9. Westbam | You Need The Drugs (feat. Richard Butler)
That's what friends tells me all the time.

10. Polyrock | Romantic Me 
If somebody wondered like me what if Modern Rock would be produced by a modern classic composer. 198? Producer: Phillip Glass.

+11. Grauzone | Eisbär
Modern German language sounds edgy, cold and sensual and sexy at the same time. I don't understand a word, maybe it makes it even more interesting.

+12. Sonic Youth | Superstar (Delaney & Bonnie & Friends' 'Groupie (Superstar)' Cover)
Amazingly deep and touchy reincarnation of the original masterpiece, also covered by Carpenters. Very close and careful interpretation.